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IF YOU SERVED in Malaysia or Singapore for at least ninety days between the 31st August 1957 and the 12th August 1966 (9th August 1965 for service in Singapore) then you are eligible for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia.   The medal is a posthumous award and the next of kin of those who died then, or of those who have died since, are also eligible to receive the PJM.

THE MEDAL has been graciously offered by the King and Government of Malaysia to Commonwealth forces, civilians, and police who helped protect their newly independent country.
THE QUEEN, as requested by the Australian and New Zealand Governments, has given her consent for their citizens to accept and wear the medal.
BRITISH CITIZENS may only accept the PJM.   Formal permission to wear it has been withheld resulting in discrimination against one nation’s veterans within the Commonwealth.

We have earned the medal and we want to be able to wear it with pride alongside our Commonwealth ex-comrades in arms.



Formal permission for British citizens to wear the medal has been withheld on erroneous grounds and this arbitrary discrimination should cease immediately.



We have asked for a definition of ‘formal’ and we have asked who is withholding permission, but we have not received any answers.



It was inappropriate for the British Government to have insisted upon different eligibility criteria for the British, emphasising shameful discrimination against us.



The UK should not misuse its singular Imperial Honours System in order to discriminate against any of the eligible Commonwealth citizens of the multi-nation Commonwealth.

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If you do not have internet access, please contact us at:

UK and Europe:

Fight4thePJM,  c/o Gerald Law,  6 Knole Close,  1 Crabbet Park, Worth, Crawley, West Sussex, UK, RH10 7GA


Australia and New Zealand

Fight4thePJM,   P. O. Box  59,  Wulguru,   QLD  4811, Australia


Canada and the USA

Fight4thePJM, c/o John Fenton, 328 Hillcroft Street, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada,    L1G 2L9

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And here are some comments we've received:

Subject = Cut to the Chase

Comment =Sir,
I don't know how to thank everyone for the way you are fighting 4 the right for us veterans to be able to wear our P J M Medal with pride,but thank you anyway,and I would like to stand up and be counted. I did it in 58/60 with you men then and I would like to do so now.
And in any-case I WAS THERE.
Best wishes to all
Lyndon Vaughan, ex army

(Lyndon Vaughan, UK - contact details supplied)

The PJM Medal Ribbon

Subject = Cut to the Chase

Comment =As the Malayan Government have awarded us with the PJM then I shall wear it with pride. So who'se going to stop me? I'm far too old to do 'jankers'
Just watch me!!

("Smudger", UK - name and contact details supplied)

The PJM Medal Ribbon


Subject = Cut to the Chase

Comment =I have previously sent a message of my admiration to those involved, but, as "Smudge" says, "Who is going to stop me". I now reside in Australia, but I am still British, down to my boot laces. I did serve 9yrs: in the Australian Reserve (R.A.A.O.C.), attaining the rank of Sgt: So when and if I should receive my PJM, I am compelled to wear it to show my appreciation to my "Comrades a Thankful Government and Royal Household - Malaysian".
Alec Skelson (Rocky)

(Alec Skelson, Australia - name and contact details supplied)

The PJM Medal Ribbon

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