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At the time of writing, the British authorities say that they do not know the criteria for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia - despite having accepted the medal! Par for the course, say we.

We suggest you follow the criteria as set out by the Malaysians for Australian and New Zealand veterans. Please note that this is an award that can be accepted posthumously by next of kin.

The British Government have introduced some doubt about the end-date (they do not mention the cooling of period through to the 31st December). If you served between the 31st August 1957 and the 31st December 1966 (Singapore - 9th August 1965), we suggest you submit an application form.

Categories of eligibility

Category One:

Those who were on the posted strength of a unit or formation, and who served in the prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore, in direct support of operations in Malaysia, for 90 days or more, in the aggregate, as follows:

(1) Malaysia during the period 31 August 1957 to 31 December 1966 inclusive; or

(2) Singapore during the period 31 August 1957 to 9 August 1965 inclusive.

Service between 12 August 1966 and 31 December 1966 will only be aggregated as qualifying service if a member was posted for operations to Malaya or Malaysia on or before 12 August 1966.

The prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore is the landmass of East Malaysia (that is: the States of Sabah and Sarawak on the Island of Borneo), the Malay Peninsula, and the Island of Singapore. The prescribed operational area also includes the sea area of Malaysia.

Category Two:

Those members of the UK Armed Forces , who had their period of service in the operational area terminated by death, or by evacuation due to illness or injury or other disability due to that service, during the period 31 August 1957 to 12 August 1966 inclusive, and before the completion of the period of qualifying service prescribed in Category One.

PJM Eligibility Terms:

After many months of lobbying, in late May 2006 we eventually received eligibility terms for the medal that was seemingly agreed without them in December 2005! Here they are in Rich Text Format:

Application forms:

You'll need a PDF reader to open these files. If you haven't got one (try clicking a link first), you can download one by clicking on this Adobe Acrobat Reader logo:  

Forms, which contain full instructions, should be returned to your Regimental Association or to the NMBVA-UK (you do not have to be a member).

Your turn now!

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