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What We Say

On these pages we shall post letters that we have written and the submissions that we have made about our case for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia and our right to wear the medal.

The opinions expressed are those of the author who wrote the words but we think they all serve to illustrate the injustice that we seek to overturn.


Traitors Gate


We are not professional lobbyists, we are just some of the people who served Malaysia. We have made mistakes, but our only intention has been to put our case to the decision-makers and ask that it be given reasonable consideration. We received courteous acknowledgements from various Governmental Departments - acknowledgements that disguised the fact that generally our case was not being given fair consideration.

As it turned out, when they listened they did so with only one ear and then came up with what they thought was a compromise to satisfy the growing feeling of indignation that was sweeping the country. In so doing, they presented the world with a view of themselves and of British justice and democracy that beggars belief.

These subjective writings were made at the time, often in the heat of exchanges with a secretive bureaucracy that only fed our feeling of frustration. I think our greatest support came from our MPs - which is probably why the matter was never democratically discussed in the Commons. If it had been, the unelected Honours and Decorations Committee's recommendation would not, in our view, have stood up to examination.

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