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The Lobby

It was only as a direct result of active lobbying by people like George 'no-relation' Fleming that we managed to 'encourage' the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to think again about the British Government's rejection of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia.


The Houses of Parliament (c)


The FCO issued a paper that ensured that the Committee on the Grants of Honours, Decorations and Medals had no option but to review British Medals Policy and the PJM.

The HD Committee's shameful recommendation on the 31st January was that the Malaysians could go to the expense of producing the medals, British citizens could receive them, but they would not be allowed to wear their award (unlike their other Commonwealth allies in Australia and New Zealand).

And so we are lobbying for justice. Everyone can help. It's easy and it need not be time-consuming. On the left menu are some links to help you lobby for our cause. If you do send any messages or letters, please let us know about it on the Discussion Forum.

Thank you for your support.

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