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The PJM Case (Updated November 2007)

The following is a summary of our case in PDF format:

The Fight4thePJM Update Summary as at end November 2007

The original version waswritten in late April 2006. Subsequently we made considerable progress leading to updated information and to staggering support from all parts of the globe. The updated Case is set out below.

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And here are some comments we've received:

Subject=The PJM

I did 2 tours of duty in Borneo and Malaya, the second one resulting in my being casavaced. I travelled back to the UK with a number of Royal Marines and Army blokes who had a range of conditions from gunshot wounds and shrapnel wounds as well as hideous jungle ulcers. (I was actually photographed by 'Honey' magazine at RAF Lynham, being unloaded in a wheelchair, for a feature article they were doing).

I feel honoured to be one of the 32,000 veterans who endured danger and hardships in that campaign and I shall wear my PJM alongside my GSM knowing it was earned and not given out because of privilege or to some chinless wonder with the right connections. Tomorrow I will get my blood pressure back in shape by attending to my herb garden in the gorgeous Queensland winter sunshine. I hope we beat the ba-----s (Ed: Ink smudged here!).

(Ivor Rich, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia ex RN Malay/Borneo 63/65. Full contact details supplied)

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