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A Blitz on the PJM (growing) Address Book

Gerry posted a message on the PJM Discussion Forum to say that he just copied and pasted all the addresses in the Prick and Click section (if you go there you'll see what he's done!) and had sent this email. We think you'll enjoy this one ...

"In 2004, the Malaysian Government instituted a new medal, the Pingat Jasa Malaysia, and announced that it wished to award it to all Commonwealth ex service personnel who had served in the Malayan Emergency/Borneo Confrontation. These conflicts were often violent and conducted in the harsh jungle environment that had claimed so many lives during WWII.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments swiftly recommended to Her Majesty that the offer should be accepted without reservation - the first medals have started to be presented to their veterans.

The British HD Committee, conversely, initially rejected the offer totally. After some intense lobbying, the Government reviewed the case and on 8th February 2006 announced that Her Majesty had been advised to accept the medal, but that it should not be worn by her loyal veterans. So at a stroke, the British participants in a joint Commonwealth action were reduced to the status of second class citizens by the very Government that has recently announced a "National Veteran's Day" at which veterans will be honoured and, I quote "presented with medals". What medals might these be? Is Gordon Brown intending to pin PJM's on to the breasts of several thousand veterans with the admonishment never to wear them in public?

Who will be hurt by the sight of an ageing veteran with one foreign medal hanging from his crumpled blazer, alongside whatever gong has been awarded for past service? The general public knows little, and probably cares less what antiquated rules have been invoked to deprive these people of what is rightfully theirs by dint of service.
The decision flies in the face of logic and decency. It is a denigration of the service given by the veterans in what remains the only successful campaign against terrorism and the Communist threat. So much for backing a "War on Terrorism". Obviously grand words for the consumption of the voters at a time of heightened tension, but just so much political spin in reality. If this government really honoured its veterans, and truly believed in a war against terrorism, it would make haste to rectify this situation, hopefully before many more years sadly deplete the ranks of those who have been so blatantly insulted.

And it is not just the veterans who have been insulted. The King, Government and people of Malaysia have been subjected to the most heinous of snubs. The British government has played the "we are the Colonial Masters" attitude in saying that British veterans may receive this "worthless little bit of bling but we do not want to see it in public, lest it offends our Imperial eye".

The veterans swore an Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty, her Heirs and her Successors many years ago and most of them still hold that Oath to be binding. But it's a two way contract. If the Establishments feel unable, or unwilling, to treat its veterans in an honourable manner, then why should those same veterans feel that they owe any allegiance to that Establishment?


Gerald Law (ex RAF Borneo veteran"

John Cooper took the time and trouble to hit the Click n Prick list, emailing a huge list of Media addresses - at one click.

Subject: The Malaysian PJM Medal awarded to ex Servicemen and women

I wonder how many of you good people in the press are on the side of an injustice.

How many of you are aware that there are a bunch of overpaid civil servants calling themselves the Honours and Decorations Committee that advise Her Majesty the Queen that ex Malay and Borneo Veterans from 1957-1966 are not worthy of wearing a medal bestowed on them by a very grateful King, Government and People of Malaysia for freeing their Country of Terrorists

Did you know that those same veterans WILL be wearing this PJM Medal on suitable occasions when received. This will include the newly formed Veterans Day on June 27th by Gordon Brown MP and on Remembrance Parades.

Can you please advise your readers of this injustice by those that sit with their own gongs around their necks where some of Her Majesties own children/grandchildren wear medals never earned in combat

From a very irate group of Veterans who served their Queen and Country

John Cooper
PJM Right to Wear Campaigner

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