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The New Zealand Announcement

(by Hon Mark Burton - 12/07/2005)

New Zealanders in line for Malaysian Military Medal

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today that she will seek the Queen's approval for eligible New Zealanders who served in Malaya / Malaysia, to wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medal.

The Malaysian government wishes to award the medal to those who served in Malaya / Malaysia, for a defined period of days, between 31 August 1957 and 31 December 1966. This also includes service in Singapore up to 9 August 1965.

"A submission is being made to the Queen seeking her approval for those who meet the eligibility criteria to accept and wear without restriction the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (the PJM). It recognises certain service in Malaya, Borneo and Singapore between 1957 and 1966," Helen Clark and Minister of Defence Mark Burton said.

"The service which has been deemed eligible by the Malaysian Government for receipt of the PJM medal is substantially broader than the existing New Zealand definition of operational service in Malaysia for which is entitled for New Zealand medallic recognition.

"New Zealand and Malaysia enjoy a long-standing and valuable defence relationship. The offer of the PJM Medal is an acknowledgement that the contribution made by New Zealanders to the security of Malaysia, and indeed the region, is highly valued by the Malaysian government.

"More than 12,000 ex-New Zealand military personnel would be eligible to receive the PJM.

"Non-operational service would also be recognised by the PJM Medal. It is estimated that 700 personnel who did not qualify for a New Zealand medal will be able to receive a PJM for various service in and around Singapore, Borneo and the Malay Pennisula," Helen Clark and Mark Burton said.


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