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Messages from Malaysia

We are humbled to receive so many messages of support from Malaysia and Singapore.

Here are just a few. From ordinary men and women who understand what the Pingat Jasa Malaysia is all about. Some of these writers were not born when we were on PJM service, but they know how important a part that service played in their country's history, and in our lives.

Name=Ahmad Najib Bin Ariffin

Subject=Read about your struggle in Malaysian newspaper

Dear Sirs,

As a Malaysian, I found out about this worthy site in Malaysia'a The Star daily 20th August 2006. I certainly support your struggle to have the right and recognition for wearing the honoured Pingat Jasa Malaysia. While I may not have been born during the Emergency, my father certainly was involved as he was a local young volunteer in the Malayan Army fighting the Communist insurgents then.

In fact, my father (Prof. Emeritus Dr. Col. Ariffin Suhaimi) was also one of the co-authors of the new pictorial book 'The Malayan Emergency 1948-1960' which further records with never before published photos on the heroic efforts of so many people, locals and British/Commonwealth members in the struggle against communist insurgency.

Most importantly, while defensive warfare was necessary, the Malayan Emergency was also notable for its parallel effort to look at the roots of the problem and thus to win the hearts and minds of not just the population not to support the insurgents but also of the communists themselves, and this was successful too! This holds a big lesson for what's happening with Bush's so-called War on Terror today.

By the way, I fully support the banning of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) terrorist leader chin peng's book as it contains many self-serving skewed interpretations that don't hold up to history nor common sense. His book is an insult to all Malaysians and the efforts of all the people who struggled against CPM's tyranny.

I salute you all, and may you win the rightful right to wear the PJM with pride and honour. "Pingat kami, Hak kami"!

With best regards,

Ahmad Najib Bin Ariffin
Architect and Chief Editor "ASIANA Heritage & Travel" magazine, Malaysia.

Name=Kow Chai Liew

Subject=Messages from Malaysia

Message=While in sqn 45, two heavy bombers came in namely Victor and Vulcan escorted by a squadron of lightning. Confrontation stopped thereafter. In Kuching I was admitted in BMH and I saw a British soldier stand to attention saluted the doctor. He had a bullet hole through his chest. This and others are enough to wear the PJM. I got my GSM in about 1965. I read a commentator who said he got his after 42 years ?!

Kow Chai Liew

Name=Mohamad Redza Hashim

Subject=Memories BA-MS

Message=It's sad to hear that the British Gov did not acknowledge the PJM. Malaysia are under Comenwealth. Fighting in Malaya/Malaysia during this time is the same like fighting for your own motherland.

If the British Gov did not want to regconise this medal, than they did not appreciate their own country men who died fighting.

My late father was from the British Army before he joined the RMR. He went to England in 1956 for about a year. He almost died fighting the communist. I remember the transition period when the Malaysia Goverment take over the Sungai Udang Camp and Terendak Camp.

Mohamad Redza Hashim

Name=Maulvi Bakar

Subject=Let them wear their PJMs with pride

Message=Dear sir

I know this comment will go to the but the message below was more intended to the powers that be.

Many governments are guilty of forgeting those that have served them in the past. Be it civil servants or those in uniform, especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Sometimes governments suddenly chose to remember these ordinary people who did extra-ordinary things during perilous times. The government of Malaysia have decided to award these ordinary men and women a token medal of remembrance, the PJM, for their extra-ordinary services during those perilous times of national emergency.

To these brave men and women, I sincerely believe that this token of remembrance are of value and significance more than the medal's weight, size or material. It is a symbol of their extra-ordinary service given to them by a grateful nation - I am very much grateful myself.

Two score years have gone by since those perilous time, the world has changed. The political climate has changed too. The past does not change, it may be hidden or concealed but the truth will prevail and be set free. The truth of these brave men and women have been revealed and their medals are their proof. Whatever differences between the two nations have today, let not these brave men and women suffer and be victimized. The have suffered, bled and died during those perilous times, let them be remembered today while the survivors are still with us.

Sincere regards and thanks!

Maulvi Bakar

Name=Amli Abdullah


Message=I wasn't born yet when you guys serve in Malaysia during that confrontation period, but I would tell you this, our parents and grandparents are owe a great gratitude to all that shed their blood and sweat just to ensure their security, safety and creating path to walk from the dark hours of our life. For those who know the history of the aggression will share my thought and support with our heart the right for you to wear the honour.

Amli Abdullah

Name=James Kesamugarajah

Subject=Kipling's "Tommy"

Message=The British Government shoukld acknowlege and permit these forgotten warriors to wear the PJM, my grandad served with the British Forces in Malaya from WW2 thru the communist insurgency. He retired in Malaysia in the 1960's. Some of you may remember him in RAUB Pahang, Major Ernest F Lodge

James Kesamugarajah

Name=Lt Syahrin

Subject=Thank you

Message=Hi There

I read about your cause in the STAR's article (Aug 19th) and as a Malaysian - i can't thank you enough on the heroic deeds that the Commonwealth soldiers have played during the Emergency. Being a soldier as well (in the Territorial Army) I know the history well and the fact that the British Govt denies the right for all of you to wear the PJM is liked a mockery of the things that you have done in Malaysia. I fully support your cause and hope every single one of the Veterans could wear the PJM proudly beside other medals.

Lt Syahrin (502 TA Reg) KL

Name=David Chong

Subject=A message of support

Message=As an ordinary Malaysian I wish to add my support to your cause. To me it is a matter of great importance that the sacrifice of British servicemen, policemen & civilians who fought & served in Malaya be remembered. Indeed the award of a medal is but a small token of a debt that can never be repaid. That you should not be "allowed" to wear it seem incomprehensible.

With best wishes

David Chong

Name=Foo Hong Tat

Subject=The Pingat Jasa Malaysia

Message=I have no problem of getting to your web-site.

Re the wearing of the PJM is a very good idea. As an Inspector of Police in Malaysian Police Field Force as a platoon commander, I served in the 2n Division, Sarawak stationed at Pantu in 1964 and Major Lawe and Lt. Bullock were in the Gurkha Rifles Company in charge of the operations in that area. I retired as an Assistant Superintendent of Police in 1992. I understand one of them retired as a Brigadier General. Glad, if I can get their email addresses. We were fighting a real war and a British Major General was in charge of the Borneo Theatre. Without the British at time, the Indonesians would have walked into Malaysia. I am a living witness of the British armed forces fighting a war in the Borneo Theatre.

Foo Hong Tat

In response to his message Foo Hong Tat has received this reply from Roy Follows:

To Foo Hong Tat.

Dear Foo.

Being a former member of the Royal Malaysian Police, I say welcome on board.

Like yourself I was also a platoon commander with a Police operational unit. During the emergency I served as a Plt Cmdr, with the 10th Police Jungle Company and No4 Police Field Force. I was also Commander of a Fort Brooke, a place no doubt you will of heard of, if not been to.

Thanks for your support. Jangan lupa, Jaga baik delam hutan. Roy

Name=Adrian Villanueva

Subject=The Medal


Message=I hope that with your great efforts, the British Veterans will be given the permission to wear the PJM. I recently received my GSM-Borneo Confrontation Medal (after 42 Years) for service as a RMN Volunteer Reserve (Mobilised) Officer under the operational command of the 42 RM Cdo (Tawau Assault Group). I will wear this medal with great pride, & wish all PJM'ers could the same.

Adrian Villanueva

Name=James Pakianathan

Subject=About PJMers

Message=I find it hard to believe that British veterans are not allowed to wear the PJM. I am a Malaysian currently residing and working in London. If not for the sacrifice of so many soldiers in helping malaysia during the war and emergency, it would be hard to imagine were Malaysia would be now as an independent nation. The British goverment should allow these veterans to wear these medals to honor the sacrifices made by these soldiers and to honor all those that lost their lives during that period. Also to all veterans reading this comment, thank you for your scarifice in helping both my parents and myself live in a peaceful stable malaysia with no communism or war hanging over our country now.

James Pakianathan
A grateful Malaysian

Name=Laurence Lee

Subject=Thank you sirs

Message=Dear sirs, Let me congratulate all the brave veterans for being conferred the PJM, for they have done such an amazing services to my country, defending us from the dark times. When I read about how the British Government's reaction in disallowing the wearing of the PJM, it just make my blood boils. No deeds should ever be forgotten. Not this one. All of you have done a wonderful job in ensuring that we have our future. This future. We owed alot to you guys. I'm glad for each of everyone of you.

I hope and pray that your cause will eventually be fruitful. My best regards to all the vets.

Yours sincerely,

Laurence Lee,
The Young Malaysian

Name=Kow Chai LIEW

Subject=We did it together

Message=Between 1962 to 67 I served in squadrons 209 and 45. I think I am entitled to the PJM too of which like others being forgottened.

If it is not for us Malaysia would have been ruled by Indonesia, today.

Kow Chai LIEW

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And here are some comments we've received:

Subject=The Medal

Message=I look forward to recieving my PJM, as personel in Malaya. If the Goverment of Malaysia wish to thank us for our services why should the British Goverment object. After all the ex-serviceman think it would be great to accept such recognition from such a great nation and lovely people.

(James C, UK - Contact details supplied)

The PJM Medal Ribbon

Subject=Messages from Malaysia

Message=I just wish i could express myself better and say thank you for your warm and loyal support. I feel very humble and very proud.
Lyn V.


L Vaughan , UK - Contact details supplied)

[Ed: We think you expressed yourself perfectly, Lyn, because you described how we all feel about the support we receive from Malaysia.]

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