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Early Day Motions (EDMs)

EDMs are a focal point in the Commons. They give some indication of the level and cross-party support that our case is attracting.

Learn about Early Day Motions here Early Day Motions

2005 EDMs:

  Jeffery Donaldson's EDM No. 107 of 15/05/2005

  David Mundell's EDM No. 889 of 28/10/2005

  Mike Weir's EDM No. 893 of 28/10/2005

2006 EDMs:

  Don Touhig's EDM No. 356 of 29/11/2006

  Michael Mates' EDM No. 375 of 30/11/2006

And here is the summary of the MPs who have supported PJM EDMs (as at 31 March 2007 ... and more have been promised!).

Measured by the number of signatures, Don Touhig's EDM 356 supporting our case represents the 15th most important issue out of nearly 1,000 issues raised via EDMs in the Commons!

Did you know that Don's EDM supporting our case has three times more signatures than the average EDM!

396 signatures supporting the PJM! Magnificent support from MPs.

Are a handful of civil servants going to continue to maintain that 219 MPs are wrong and a couple of them are right?

This list represents only a part of our Parliamentary support - some MPs are unable to sign EDMs because of their official posts.

If your MP isn't here ... drop him or her an email asking for their support (quote EDMs 356 and 375)!

  All   DT 291106   MM 301106   JD 170505   DM 281005   MW 281005
1 Alexander, Danny   Alexander, Danny   Ancram, Michael   Amess, David   Barrett, John   Benyon, Richard
2 Amess, David   Amess, David   Anderson, David   Anderson, David   Beith, AJ   Bottomley, Peter
3 Ancram, Michael   Ancram, Michael   Baker, Norman   Benyon, Richard   Benyon, Richard   Campbell, Gregory
4 Anderson, David   Austin, Ian   Benyon, Richard   Bottomley, Peter   Borrow, David S   Campbell, Ronnie
5 Austin, Ian   Austin, John   Bercow, John   Brazier, Julian   Bottomley, Peter   Corbyn, Jeremy
6 Austin, John   Baker, Norman   Bottomley, Peter   Brooke, Annette   Brazier, Julian   Cummings, John
7 Austin, John   Bayley, Hugh   Brazier, Julian   Brown, Nicholas   Cable, Vincent   Dodds, Nigel
8 Baker, Norman   Beith, AJ   Cable, Vincent   Burt, Lorely   Campbell, Gregory   Galloway, George
9 Barrett, John   Benyon, Richard   Campbell, Gregory   Campbell, Gregory   Carswell, Douglas   Gummer, John
10 Bayley, Hugh   Bercow, John   Campbell, Ronnie   Carmichael, Alistair   Conway, Derek   Hancock, Mike
11 Beith, AJ   Betts, Clive   Caton, Martin   Carswell, Douglas   Cummings, John   Hermon, Sylvia
12 Benyon, Richard   Binley, Brian   Cohen, Harry   Caton, Martin   Dodds, Nigel   Hosie, Stewart
13 Bercow, John   Boswell, Tim   Conway, Derek   Cook, Frank   Donaldson, Jeffrey   Hoyle, Lindsay
14 Betts, Clive   Bottomley, Peter   Dean, Janet   Cunningham, Jim   Drew, David   Jenkins, Brian
15 Binley, Brian   Brady, Graham   Dismore, Andrew   Davey, Edward   Flynn, Paul   Lancaster, Mark
16 Borrow, David S   Brazier, Julian   Dodds, Nigel   Dismore, Andrew   Foster, Don   MacNeil, Angus
17 Boswell, Tim   Brown, Nicholas   Donaldson, Jeffrey   Donaldson, Jeffrey   Gummer, John   McCrea, Dr William
18 Bottomley, Peter   Brown, Russell   Donohoe, Brian H   Dunne, Philip   Hancock, Mike   McDonnell, John
19 Brady, Graham   Browne, Jeremy   Dorries, Nadine   Efford, Clive   Hands, Greg   Pelling, Andrew
20 Brazier, Julian   Bruce, Malcolm   Drew, David   Evans, Nigel   Hemming, John   Penning, Mike
21 Brooke, Annette   Bryant, Chris   Ennis, Jeff   Flynn, Paul   Hermon, Sylvia   Robertson, Angus
22 Brown, Nicholas   Buck, Karen   Farrelly, Paul   Foster, Don   Hoyle, Lindsay   Rowen, Paul
23 Brown, Russell   Burstow, Paul   Foster, Michael Jabez   Goodman, Helen   Jenkins, Brian   Salmond, Alex
24 Browne, Jeremy   Burt, Lorely   Gapes, Mike   Goodwill, Robert   Kawczynski, Daniel   Simpson, Alan
25 Bruce, Malcolm   Butterfill, John   Gidley, Sandra   Gove, Michael   Lazarowicz, Mark   Simpson, David
26 Bryant, Chris   Cable, Vincent   Gilroy, Linda   Grogan, John   McCrea, Dr William   Singh, Marsha
27 Buck, Karen   Campbell, Gregory   Gray, James   Gummer, John   McDonnell, John   Trickett, Jon
28 Burstow, Paul   Campbell, Ronnie   Gummer, John   Hancock, Mike   Moore, Michael   Weir, Mike
29 Burt, Lorely   Carmichael, Alistair   Hamilton, Fabian   Heath, David   Mundell, David   Winterton, Ann
30 Butterfill, John   Caton, Martin   Hancock, Mike   Hemming, John   O'Hara, Edward   Winterton, Nicholas
31 Cable, Vincent   Clelland, David   Harvey, Nick   Hoey, Kate   Pelling, Andrew   Wishart, Pete
32 Campbell, Gregory   Cohen, Harry   Heath, David   Horam, John   Penning, Mike
33 Campbell, Ronnie   Connarty, Michael   Hemming, John   Iddon, Brian   Reid, Alan
34 Carmichael, Alistair   Conway, Derek   Hendry, Charles   Jones, David   Rosindell, Andrew
35 Carswell, Douglas   Cook, Frank   Horam, John   Kawczynski, Daniel   Russell, Bob
36 Caton, Martin   Cryer, Ann   Horwood, Martin   Knight, Greg   Salmond, Alex
37 Clelland, David   Cummings, John   Howarth, George   Kramer, Susan   Simpson, Alan
38 Cohen, Harry   Davies, Dai   Jenkins, Brian   Marsden, Gordon   Simpson, David
39 Connarty, Michael   Davies, Philip   Jones, Martyn   Marshall-Andrews, Robert   Singh, Marsha
40 Cook, Frank   Dean, Janet   Keeble, Sally   McDonnell, John   Spink, Bob
41 Corbyn, Jeremy   Dismore, Andrew   Keetch, Paul   Mitchell, Austin   Weir, Mike
42 Cryer, Ann   Dodds, Nigel   Key, Robert   Moore, Michael   Williams, Betty
43 Cummings, John   Donaldson, Jeffrey   Laws, David   Mulholland, Greg   Williams, Roger
44 Cunningham, Jim   Donohoe, Brian H   Marris, Rob   O'Hara, Edward   Winterton, Ann
45 Davey, Edward   Doran, Frank   Mates, Michael   Pelling, Andrew   Winterton, Nicholas
46 Davies, Dai   Dorries, Nadine   McDonnell, John   Penning, Mike   Wyatt, Derek
47 Davies, Dai   Drew, David   McGovern, Jim   Pope, Greg    
48 Davies, Philip   Duddridge, James   Moffatt, Laura   Prentice, Gordon
49 Dean, Janet   Dunne, Philip   Moore, Michael   Pritchard, Mark
50 Dismore, Andrew   Ellman, Louise   Olner, Bill   Robinson, Iris
51 Dodds, Nigel   Ennis, Jeff   Opik, Lembit   Robinson, Peter
52 Donaldson, Jeffrey   Etherington, Bill   Pelling, Andrew   Rosindell, Andrew
53 Donohoe, Brian H   Fabricant, Michael   Pope, Greg   Russell, Bob
54 Doran, Frank   Farrelly, Paul   Prosser, Gwyn   Simon, Sion
55 Dorries, Nadine   Field, Frank   Rowen, Paul   Simpson, David
56 Drew, David   Fox, Liam   Russell, Bob   Spink, Bob
57 Duddridge, James   Francis, Hywel   Salmond, Alex   Syms, Robert
58 Dunne, Philip   Fraser, Christopher   Selous, Andrew   Taylor, David
59 Efford, Clive   Gapes, Mike   Simpson, Alan   Trickett, Jon
60 Ellman, Louise   Gidley, Sandra   Spink, Bob   Turner, Desmond
61 Ennis, Jeff   Gilroy, Linda   Swayne, Desmond   Walley, Joan
62 Etherington, Bill   Goodman, Helen   Swinson, Jo   Walter, Robert
63 Evans, Nigel   Gove, Michael   Tami, Mark   Waltho, Lynda
64 Fabricant, Michael   Gray, James   Taylor, Dari   Waterson, Nigel
65 Farrelly, Paul   Greenway, John   Todd, Mark   Weir, Mike
66 Field, Frank   Griffith, Nia   Touhig, Don   Williams, Betty
67 Flynn, Paul   Hamilton, Fabian   Vaz, Keith   Wilson, Sammy
68 Foster, Don   Hancock, Mike   Vis, Rudi    
69 Foster, Michael Jabez   Harper, Mark   Weir, Mike    
70 Fox, Liam   Harvey, Nick   Whittingdale, John    
71 Francis, Hywel   Havard, Dai   Willetts, David    
72 Fraser, Christopher   Heath, David   Williams, Betty    
73 Galloway, George   Hemming, John   Willis, Phil    
74 Gapes, Mike   Henderson, Doug   Wilson, Sammy    
75 Gidley, Sandra   Hendry, Charles   Winterton, Ann    
76 Gilroy, Linda   Hepburn, Stephen        
77 Goodman, Helen   Hermon, Sylvia        
78 Goodwill, Robert   Hood, Jimmy        
79 Gove, Michael   Horam, John        
80 Gray, James   Horwood, Martin
81 Greenway, John   Hosie, Stewart
82 Griffith, Nia   Howarth, David
83 Grogan, John   Howarth, George
84 Gummer, John   Illsley, Eric
85 Hamilton, Fabian   Jenkins, Brian
86 Hancock, Mike   Jones, David
87 Hands, Greg   Jones, Kevan
88 Harper, Mark   Jones, Martyn
89 Harvey, Nick   Kawczynski, Daniel
90 Havard, Dai   Keeble, Sally
91 Heath, David   Keen, Alan
92 Hemming, John   Kennedy, Charles
93 Henderson, Doug   Kennedy, Jane
94 Hendry, Charles   Key, Robert
95 Hepburn, Stephen   Kumar, Ashok
96 Hermon, Sylvia   Laws, David
97 Hoey, Kate   Lazarowicz, Mark
98 Hood, Jimmy   Leigh, Edward
99 Horam, John   Loughton, Tim
100 Horwood, Martin   MacDougall, John
101 Hosie, Stewart   Mackinlay, Andrew
102 Howarth, David   Maclean, David
103 Howarth, George   Mann, John
104 Hoyle, Lindsay   Marris, Rob
105 Iddon, Brian   Mates, Michael
106 Illsley, Eric   McCrea, Dr William
107 Jenkins, Brian   McDonnell, John
108 Jones, David   McFall, John
109 Jones, Kevan   McGovern, Jim
110 Jones, Martyn   McKechin, Ann
111 Kawczynski, Daniel   Meale, Alan
112 Keeble, Sally   Michael, Alun
113 Keen, Alan   Miller, Andrew
114 Keetch, Paul   Mitchell, Austin
115 Kennedy, Charles   Moffat, Anne
116 Kennedy, Jane   Moffatt, Laura
117 Key, Robert   Mole, Chris
118 Knight, Greg   Moore, Michael
119 Kramer, Susan   Morgan, Julie
120 Kumar, Ashok   Mundell, David
121 Lancaster, Mark   Murphy, Denis
122 Laws, David   Murphy, Paul
123 Lazarowicz, Mark   Oaten, Mark
124 Leigh, Edward   O'Hara, Edward
125 Loughton, Tim   Olner, Bill
126 MacDougall, John   Opik, Lembit
127 Mackinlay, Andrew   Osborne, Sandra
128 Maclean, David   Pelling, Andrew
129 MacNeil, Angus   Pope, Greg
130 Marris, Rob   Prosser, Gwyn
131 Marsden, Gordon   Rifkind, Malcolm
132 Marshall-Andrews, Robert   Robertson, Angus
133 Mates, Michael   Robertson, John
134 McCrea, Dr William   Robinson, Geoffrey
135 McDonnell, John   Robinson, Iris
136 McFall, John   Rowen, Paul
137 McGovern, Jim   Ruane, Chris
138 McKechin, Ann   Ruddock, Joan
139 Meale, Alan   Russell, Bob
140 Michael, Alun   Salmond, Alex
141 Michael, Alun   Selous, Andrew
142 Miller, Andrew   Sheridan, Jim
143 Mitchell, Austin   Simpson, Alan
144 Moffat, Anne   Simpson, David
145 Moffatt, Laura   Singh, Marsha
146 Moore, Michael   Smith, Robert
147 Morgan, Julie   Spink, Bob
148 Mulholland, Greg   Starkey, Phyllis
149 Mundell, David   Stewart, Ian
150 Murphy, Denis   Swinson, Jo
151 Murphy, Paul   Syms, Robert
152 Oaten, Mark   Tami, Mark
153 O'Hara, Edward   Taylor, Dari
154 Olner, Bill   Taylor, David
155 Opik, Lembit   Thurso, John
156 Osborne, Sandra   Todd, Mark
157 Pelling, Andrew   Touhig, Don
158 Penning, Mike   Tredinnick, David
159 Pope, Greg   Trickett, Jon
160 Prentice, Gordon   Turner, Desmond
161 Pritchard, Mark   Vaz, Keith
162 Prosser, Gwyn   Vis, Rudi
163 Reid, Alan   Walter, Robert
164 Rifkind, Malcolm   Waltho, Lynda
165 Robertson, Angus   Waterson, Nigel
166 Robertson, John   Weir, Mike
167 Robinson, Geoffrey   Whittingdale, John
168 Robinson, Iris   Widdecombe, Ann
169 Robinson, Peter   Willetts, David
170 Rosindell, Andrew   Williams, Betty
171 Rowen, Paul   Williams, Mark
172 Ruane, Chris   Willott, Jenny
173 Ruddock, Joan   Wilson, Sammy
174 Russell, Bob   Winterton, Ann
175 Salmond, Alex   Wishart, Pete
176 Selous, Andrew   Wright, Tony
177 Sheridan, Jim   Wyatt, Derek
178 Simon, Sion    
179 Simpson, Alan    
180 Simpson, David    
181 Singh, Marsha    
182 Smith, Robert    
183 Spink, Bob    
184 Starkey, Phyllis    
185 Stewart, Ian    
186 Swayne, Desmond    
187 Swinson, Jo    
188 Syms, Robert    
189 Tami, Mark    
190 Taylor, Dari    
191 Taylor, David    
192 Thurso, John
193 Todd, Mark
194 Touhig, Don
195 Tredinnick, David
196 Trickett, Jon
197 Turner, Desmond
198 Vaz, Keith
199 Vis, Rudi
200 Walley, Joan
201 Walter, Robert
202 Waltho, Lynda
203 Waterson, Nigel
204 Weir, Mike
205 Whittingdale, John
206 Widdecombe, Ann
207 Willetts, David
208 Willetts, David
209 Williams, Betty
210 Williams, Mark
211 Williams, Roger
212 Willis, Phil
213 Willott, Jenny
214 Wilson, Sammy
215 Winterton, Ann
216 Winterton, Nicholas
217 Wishart, Pete
218 Wright, Tony
219 Wyatt, Derek


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