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Star Letters Competition!

We want to recognise the true artistry that we see in so many letters and emails that you have written to MPs and HD Committee members, and others.

We shall reward (with huge largesse) those supporters who write scorching letters in furtherance of this just cause.

If you have written a masterpiece, whether its an email or snail mail, email or send a copy to us and we'll publish it (anonymously if you wish). If a letter gets published, the author will receive a very special prize!

To win one of these prizes, all you need do is send us a copy of a masterpiece that you have written. It doesn't matter when you wrote it and it doesn't have to be long (the shorter the better is the maxim). And the point(s) you raise do not have to be original thoughts. You'll get marks for the three 'R's:

and in the case of a draw, a fourth 'R'

Essentially, your masterpiece needs to make a point about our campaign, though. And it must have been sent to one of the addresses (email or postal) on one of our Lobby Pages. Your MP is good, as is a relevant Minister (particularly the Foreign Secretary). We also like to see Messrs Coney, Edge and Brennan's names in the frame!

Email us a copy to or send it to:

c/o Barry Fleming and Partners
Trafalgar House
110 Manchester Road
WA14 1NU

Or you can fax it to us at 0044 (0) 161 924 0321

We will not be able to acknowledge all entries, but we'll do our best.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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