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Multiple Guess Competition

Competition 2

Competition 2 is now closed to new entries.

Join in and win a very special prize!

The winner was ... da da dada .... theoldgit2003 !

And I'm delighted to report that ' theoldgit2003 ' got all the answers right and thus is entitled to a miniture PJM! Many congratulations, Ray.

Here are the correct answers


Question 1:

The recommendation that the PJM should be accepted but on condition that it is not worn was made by the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals. How many women are in that group of eight people?


I don't know. I know I should, but I don't!


None! We're talking about the Imperial Honours System here.


One! Just to make sure they avoid a Sex Discrimination action.


Four! Representing an approximate cross section of our society.


Question 2:

In the context that formal permission to wear the PJM has not been given to British citizens, which of the following statements is correct:


I don't know. But I'm working on it ...


The PJM can be worn by all Commonwealth men and women equally with their peers so long as they bung Tony a few bob for his party coffers.


No British citizen can wear the PJM because the Queen has approved acceptance of the medal on condition that it is not worn.


British citizens can now wear the medal because the Head of the Commonwealth, the Queen, has said that it can be worn by other Commonwealth men and women and we are all in the Commonwealth.


Question 3:

Which ex-Government Minister raised the PJM issue in the House of Commons in July 2006 asking that the contradictory recommendation be reversed to allow those eligible to wear the medal they have earned? Was it:


I don't know. My head hurts!


Mark Harper, Conservative Veterans Minister and a staunch Labour Government supporter on matters medallic (thus confusing his Left and his Right).


Richard Coney, the Man from the Ministry.


The Rt Hon Don Touhig MP, Labour, who said "I fully support the campaign to enable those who served in Malaya to wear the medal".