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Our medal, the PJM, gets a mention by Andrew Murrison in this debate on Medals:- >>>>

Plenty of words and wind from Our friend Derek, I think, side-steps the mention of the PJM bit or chooses to ignore it.


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All....I have, on your behalf, just emailed Dr Murrisson as follows:

Dear Dr Murrisson,

Having read, with much interest, the recent Westminster Hall debate on the subject of Medals, permit me to congratulate you on your participation...your views are measured and well articulated and are I know, much appreciated by both serving members of the military and veterans alike.

In particular, on behalf of all members of the Fight4thePJM Association and the 35,000 ex Malaya-Borneo veterans it represents worldwide, I should like to emphasise the gratitude we feel that you have, once again, elected to highlight the unacceptable treatment meted out by the HD Committee to men who did their level best in a most inhospitable jungle environment and difficult circumstances and who have been ignored by that Committee in a most cavalier, unfair and undemocratic manner.

We wish you every good fortune in your endeavours to have the actions and activities of this HD Committee properly returned to the control of duly elected parliamentarians.

John 'Jock' Fenton
Chairman: Fight4thePJM Association

Paroi...Rasah...Batu Signals Troop.
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In replying to this debate and arguments from MPs incl Dr Murrison, Rt Hon Derek Twigg MP, Minister for Veterans said:

My hon. Friend the Member for Thurrock asked whether I would agree to meet him and others to discuss a medal for Bomber Command. I am happy to do that—as he knows, I do not refuse hon. Members a meeting on any issue that concerns them. I know that he is greatly respected for his campaigning on service issues.

Since Derek Twigg "does not refuse to meet any members, etc," perhaps Dr Murrison could arrange, with leaders of the fight4thePJM team, to meet with Derek Twigg, particularly as he and his civil servants are blocking every effort to contact The Minister For Veterans at this time!

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Post Email to Dr Murrison 
Dear Dr Murrison
I have just read the transcripts of the debate on the medal for injured/killed service personnel. This is an initiative that I support wholeheartedly. Moreover, as a Veteran of the Borneo Confrontation (not so much a forgotten war as a totally ignored one), I was pleased with the support that you gave to the PJM Campaign. I received my PJM from the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia at the High Commission in August 2006 in the first presentation to be held in the UK. I was touched by his speech in which he told of his nation's eternal gratitude to those who preserved its security almost 50 years ago - a gratitude that is still articulated by those Malaysians who were not even born then.
I fail to understand how, in a 21st century democracy, the PJM can be treated with such disdain by those in office. It costs the British nothing as the medals are paid for by the gracious Malaysians. The MoD does not need to lay down the qualifying criteria for the PJM - they are clearly stated by the Malaysians. Why oh why then, do the Civil Servants make such a pig ear of the whole process? In so doing they risk alienating a large section of the public, the Malaysians and also of causing scorn to be heaped upon the apparatus of government. And yet, when those same people have reached a certain point in the length of tenure in their protected positions, they are guaranteed their knighthoods to accompany the wealth of medals accumulated during their lifetime.
Thank you for your support,
Gerald Law

Gerald Law (ex RAF Borneo Veteran)
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Well put Gerry.

Pingat Kami - Hak Kami
651 Signal Troop,
Semengo Camp,
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