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Agreed Mike........silence is Golden at the moment...... Wink

HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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Post The Village People. 
‘someone who had not checked that his surname had been correctly spelt’ and Yes David, he only signed it with his Christian name thus failing to properly sign what the Cabinet Office deems an ‘Official Document’ from Her Majesty the Queen preventing the wearing of the PJM. An ‘Official Document’ which singles out British citizens for worse treatment than other Commonwealth citizens who are eligible for the PJM. If this is not discrimination of British veterans then what is it?
The HD Committee in their six page document on the PJM have described themselves as crown and public servants who are ‘required’ to maintain high standards of fairness, impartiality and integrity. So what happens when they ignore this requirement? Nothing, zilch, zero happens because they are accountable to no-one except their own village elders. We at the fight4thepjm have seen these people in their true light and fairness, impartiality and integrity are replaced by injustice, prevarication, obfuscation and at times pure lies. They will do or say anything other than ‘sorry, I made a mistake and you are legally and morally entitled to wear the PJM’. No wonder our country is in such a mess and the republican campaign is becoming stronger every day.
The members of the fight4thepjm campaign should be proud of themselves. We have fought the good fight in the face of insults, bullying, and threats that we will be discourteous to the Queen if we wear the PJM but none of these tactics have, or will work. We will wear our PJM and they cannot (yet) hang us for doing so. It is an unjust and unlawful rule which is not enforceable.
We did our duty and were honoured by the Malaysian Government with the award of the PJM, now it is the turn of our parliamet to protect us from undemocratic rules and regulations compiled by civil servants.

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Post The Villagers 
Twisted Evil

Messrs Keith & Coney, (I will show no respect or deference* until such time as they show such to PJM’ers), have consistently refused to answer any type of communication from our team for some time now, and probably from other individuals too.

Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram! Undoubtedly, this invitation to see the full page of DS Sec, Ceremonial’s version of the PJM saga has it reasons; it also amuses me:

Medals - The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal
The SPVA-UK Website provides a host of information on issues of interest to
veterans. There useful links to other organisations and Government...
www.veterans-uk com/medals/pingat.html - 37K - Cached - Similar pages

Perhaps they are not getting enough hits on the PJM item as they would wish which may be the cause of some worry to them. Or perhaps they feel that their answers regarding the PJM on the Veterans UK website, in the medal section, full of inaccuracies as it is, satisfies the conditions of the Civil Service Code of Conduct and replaces the Codes requirements that answers should be given to the persons making enquiries in writing within a set time scale! WRONG, it doesn’t!

The problem with the Westminster Village people, particularly the Village Elders (Senior Civil Servant or Senior Officials), rather like the Bankers (distinguished people), is the over confidence, self assurance and arrogance and the “Gentlemen’s Club” ethos with which they work to their own agendas denying any responsibility for their errors, but which has several Ministries categorised as “unfit for purpose” leaving the Ministers, the transient village residents, to carry the can thereby losing their Ministries and suffering a large pay cut, which may or may not be supplemented by living expenses.

Many of whom we might have hoped would have brought enthusiasm and a new style of authority into their new appointments appear not to have done so, having been Appointed by GOD and Anointed by Gordon Brown into a staid and apparently unshakeable system with its own ethos.

Unfair? Unreasonable? Insulting to the intelligence? Belligerent? Contemptuous? Not me!

Amazingly this adequately describes (or perhaps inadequately describes) the attitude of DS Sec and other Ceremonial departments of the Cabinet Office, Foreign Office and Home Office over the (almost) 3 years I have been supporting F4.

* Barry, too has been criticised regarding lack of deference!

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Post The Village People. 
The Village People system is based on an antiquated upper crust Hooray-Henry attitude of MIND OVER MATTER – they don’t mind and we don’t matter. They also adopt the old Chinese attitude of a job in the civil service is akin to the possession of an iron rice bowl – no matter how many knocks it gets it will never break so they will always have something which retains food and thus prevents them from starving.
The fact that the civil service has been found to be unfit for purpose and downright incompetent in many areas means nothing to them. Pride and honesty is gone and denial at all costs is the order of the day, no matter how many times they misrepresent the truth by quoting in-house rules which they amend, ignore, or alter to suit themselves.
Surely a system such as this which places so much importance upon a minor matter as the wearing of a medal (which they try to prevent and despite all their efforts and prevarications cannot enforce) must be closely scrutinised as to whether or not they are suitable for the task of advising the Sovereign. Having been found wanting on a minor matter one can be forgiven for asking just how serious is the rot and just how damaging is their tampering with the Royal Prerogative to the royal system and relations with foreign countries.
We do not know the full facts of the extent to which this secretive committee will go to in maintaining their status quo but if the non-wearing of the PJM is anything to indicate their petulant and vacuous attitude then our democratic system must be kick-started and brought into action to put a stop to it.

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Post Afters? 
Evil or Very Mad

You must remember RTC's insulting PJM article on the Veterans website (as was); not once but twice after it had been removed. Subsequent to further complaints, it was again removed followed by a 'crocodile tear' type of apology from 'Phoney Dick', full of questionable statements, twisting the truth so that the "error" appeared innocuous.

They're at it again, this time against those actually risking their lives in Afghanistan.

MoD have criticised the Army Units, maintaining that there is an unacceptable degree of unfitness among Army, specifically army, and infantry in particular, personnel both officers and ORs. These figures include not only those wounded disabled, probably including those traumatised, but those on courses, likely to have included basic training courses; indeed, from what I heard on the TV programme, it includes absence of any kind.

I would express no surprise to find that they had included those having a crap when the 'census' was being conducted; anything to increase the figures.

In my view, this is the sort of petty retaliation we, ourselves, underwent from "Phoney Dick". We know from experience that the Civil Servants do not like to be criticised, even when it is justified. They have certainly been heavily criticsed the last few months /years.

Just how low can they sink? I've yet to hear any Senior Officer comment on this, including the top Forces boss(es); presumably they will do so when they have retired (usual form).

I have to agree that there will be some degree of unfitness in all units, but the MoD's main complaint is against those wounded but permitted to continue in the services on the unit strength/establishment and preventing an increase in recruiting - as if!.

Pot calling the kettle black"? Just how many individuals, let alone whole ministries, eg, Home Office, among others, have we come across lately, as unfit for purpose?

Finally, I have to ask is the £4M injured RAF civilian typist still at her job? Perhaps the answer is to employ all wounded soldiers who wish to remain in the services either as civil servants against the CS establishment for which there seems to be no ceiling, or transfer them to the AG Corps.

God knows what this will do for the morale of our lads in Afghanistan, let alone for the families of those lads serving there, particularly the bereaved families who have been criminally hurt by this insensitive MoD criticism. Mind you, would any of us expect anything less from the Civil Servants?


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Post Unfitness 
Now just hold your damned horses, civil serpents. I go to Colchester Garrison fairly often, just to see old friends and have a drink and little mardle.

I have seen with my own eyes, both 13 and 16 air assault brigade chappies and chapesses, going for a little fitness run. Visiting the gymnaseum, which appears to be fairly well used, makes me awestruck at the latent fitness of our serving personnel.

It would be remiss of me, not to mention, other barracks I have visited and the standard of fitness, which leaves me exhausted, just watching them. Therefore, the assertion that our guys and guyesses are unfit, is a total fabrication.

May I mention a certain Roger Day, who was charged and found guilty of misleading the public regarding his 'medals'. However unworthy this man was, it pales in comparison with the downright lies of the civil service spokesperson and the total pxxck, who prepared the report.

We may not have had the advantages of being born with a silver or golden spoon in our mouths, but I think I can safely say, that we all achieved great things in our lives, without the benefit of an Eton or Harrow education, and a nice easy ride through University, to a safe civil service career with definate prospects. We got there on our abilities, not by rank nepotism.

I seldom get riled, but this makes me see red.

Yours disgusted

Arthur R-S

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