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Links to External Sites

We list here sites that have some bearing on the history of, or the struggle for, the Pingat Jasa Malaysia. They are not listed in any priority order - click on the underlined heading.


MoD Oracle

MoD Oracle is a military information resource for those interested in finding out more about the military generally, keeping up to date with their profession and careers within the UK Ministry of Defence.

We are delighted to report that MoD Oracle is independent of the UK Ministry of Defence!

Britain's Small Wars

The history of British Military conflicts since 1945, including Malaya and Borneo.

The Royal Air Force Forum

The members of this RAF Forum are staunch supporters of the PJM 'right to wear' cause and have given practical advice and help to us when setting up this web site. If you have a common interest, we hope you will visit them, get registered, and get discussing (and promoting the fight4thePJM cause, natch!).

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

We've included this link to the Gurkha Welfare Trust because the Gurkhas are under siege both at home and abroad - and they still do not get a fair crack of the whip when it comes to pensions after loyal service. Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbu won the VC in Borneo 1965 yet the HD Committee imply the operations were not vigorous enough!


Armed Services Assistance Centre - Australia

A group that provides free assistance in relation to pensions, welfare, compensation and entitlements to serving and ex-serving members of the ADF and their families. They have a lively Forum (not for the feint-hearted) from where we have received staunch support in our fight for the PJM - why not register and enjoy their discussion. Our thanks to all those 'down under'.

216 Parachute Signal Squadron

Recognised by most to be the finest Field Squadron the Corps ever produced - a number of these men served in the Far East and will be eligible for the PJM. This is a brilliant web site and well worth a visit. They have supported us by linking to our web site.

RAF Air Movements 1953-1961

Have a look at this fascinating web site. It's a "A retrospective of RAF service of the time". Despite the fact that the author, Jim Aitken, was under 18 he did not wait to be conscripted into National Service, he volunteered and joined the RAF, Transport Command Air Movements. There is much info here about Air Movs - I suspect we've all enjoyed their hospitality or received support from them at some point in time, but many of us took it all for granted. Not any more!

Gunners Net - UBIQUE!

The purposes and objects of the Gunners Net is to constitute a group of gunners from around the world who have served or are serving in hot spots, around the world. They also acknowledge those who support the purposes and objects of their great organization. Their group is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and is not affiliated with any political party or group. Gunners net main purpose is to bring about unity of all who served, and to further among them the spirit of our comradeship, mutual help, and the close and kindly ties of their group.

Most of us who have been at the sharp end have a debt of gratitude to our gunner friends - our Nine Mile Snipers! Grab a coldie and spend a few minutes enjoying this fabulous site.

RAF Chia Keng. Singapore

This will bring back some nostalgic memories for many who served in Singers - and for all ex-RAF. It is run by Derek Lehrle - let him introduce it:

"I was a national serviceman in Singapore in 1957/58 and served on the RAF Radio Receiving Station at RAF Chia Keng. Those 18 months there are a most pleasant memory and one I cherish.

In the past I have searched the web for information about the old camps in Malaya/Singapore and found that information wanting. There was nothing about my old camp at all. That spurred me to set up a web site for the camp which has resulted in many welcome contacts with ex RAF people and even younger Singaporeans. From the site there are a few more addresses for other sites. Have a look for yourself. You are welcome to use anything off the site and using my name. I was a radio mechanic on the camp.

Keep up the good work concerning that medal. Many servicemen died during those times in the jungle and earned it. Derek Lehrle. ex RAF."

[Ed: This is a fascinating and evocative website - it does have music on the pages. Go to the foot of each page to change volume ... or pause the sound.]


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