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It's Competition Time! And for the last time!

We thought we'd lighten things up for a moment with a very, very serious Competition Section to test just how much readers (and ourselves! - but we can't enter the Competition) know about the fight for the right to wear the PJM.

And we want to recognise the true artistry that we see in so many letters and emails that you have written to MPs and HD Committee members, and others.

Join in and win some very special prizes! The competitions are listed on the left of this page:

Multiple Guess Stuff

Star Letters

Taking a page out of HMG's and the HD Committee's book, our “long-established” rules (we’re making them up as we go along) prohibit double-entendres and anything more than five yawns long (let’s keep it lively).

Our prizes are priceless. They cannot be exchanged for cash (and, please, no double-meddling ... only one entry person!).

So ... come on. Have a go! Have some fun while helping us to soread the word on this just fight.


The Last Competiton!

To celebrate our victory after a nearly 7 year fight, we are launching this final competition.

The prize is a very special one - first day covers relating to our service in Malaya/Malaysia and personally signed by some very special men - Bill Speakman VC, General Sir Garry Johnson, Viscount Slim, and Lesley Thomas.

And to make this a very, very special event, the very, very special first day covers will be accompanied by a very, very special book/publication about those Far East Days!

The only requirements are that the images must be in high definition so that they can be published (minimum 1MB) and that, by entering the competition, you agree that the images and text can be published without restriction.

Please send your images to me at - don't worry about file sizes. If necessary, send one image per email message.

Images and text must be received by email by 14th November.

Go on ... Have A Go! You know you want to!

Our competitions are open to everyone, visitors and members alike (but only PJMers are eligible for a miniature PJM if they win).

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