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Hello everyone.

Ide just like to forward my support to everyone here and explain a little to why i'm here.

On Wednesday this week I saw the news report of the medal ceremony held for the verterans of the Malaysian conflict back in the 50-60's
This struck an immediate cord with me and I support you whole heartidly, firstly because I wasn't aware that there was even a medal awarded from the Malayasian government, secondly because it isnt "as yet" recognised by our own government (which i hope and am sure will be resolved very soon) but thirdly because my father also faught in the conflict himself. Unfortunatley he isnt around anymore but i'm more than sure that he would of also supported you in all your endevours.

So for him, I have registered and will keep as up to date as possible. I have even bought four veterans badges, one for each of his sons, and although we are not veterans, we will wear as a mark of respect for him and you all. I hope this qualifies us to wear them.

My father was a A/Sgt in the British Army and served in the Malayain jungles around 1952/53 or 53/54, he was attached to the East Yorkshire Rgt and was drafted out to Malaya from Beverley nr Hull.
He served 2/3 years and was wounded on active duty in the jungles, and also spent time in one of the hospitals in Malaya at the time, But we dont know the name of it. I do know however that he was very proud that he spent time there, reserved in telling us stories of the war but had some excellent memories from that time in his life, and also tattoo's that he had collect in his time there. One of which was a new one, that got ruined when he was shot, the scar from the wounding going straight through the middle of it. We all thought this was hilarious, as he did.

Thank you for your time in reading my thread, I'll leave with a question if thats okay, would one of us, his son's be elligable to collect a medal on his behalf ? We currently have his GSM mounted and framed and the additional medal of the very conflict dad was in would be great.

Thank you again and we support you all !!

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You are very welcome Axle.

The Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal can be awarded posthumously but the Malaysian High Commission have now declared an end date for all claims which is the 1st of May 2008.

You will need to have your claim in to Fred Burden of the National Borneo and Malaysian Veterans Association by the 17 th of April so need to move quickly. (You do not have to be a member).

This link will take you to their website for details. which has all the details. Just scroll down the page you land on.

I think you have to email Fred for a Claim Form for posthumous awards, which he will send you by return email.

I am just one of the gang on here but I am sure one of our committee members will be in touch to formally welcome you to our site.

Very best wishes,


Pingat Kami - Hak Kami
651 Signal Troop,
Semengo Camp,
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Axle, as John says welcome to the forum and many thanks for your support. Sadly your Dad would not qualify for the PJM if he didn't serve after August 31st 1957, this was the date that Malaysia became an Independent state from Gt Britain and therefore the Malaysia PJM only applies after this date. If you would like to check his service records and if he served in Malaysia for 90 consecutive days after that date then your Dad would be entitled to a posthumous PJM

Wish you well Axle


HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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Thank you very much for your replies gentlemen,

thank you also John for your knowledge on the matter, my dad did in fact finish his tour earlier than the date you have stated, so would not qualify.

I didn't realise that at the time of writing but it makes perfect sense.

good luck to you all in the campaign, we will still support and make everyone we know aware.

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Welcome to this site and Forum 'Axle2uk' has already been explained by JohnC, it appears that your father's service (regrettably) does not meet the qualifying parameters of the PJM which are, as follows:

Categories of eligibility
Category One:

Those who were on the posted strength of a unit or formation, and who served in the prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore, in direct support of operations in Malaysia, for 90 days or more, in the aggregate, as follows:

(1) Malaysia during the period 31 August 1957 to 31 December 1966 inclusive; or

(2) Singapore during the period 31 August 1957 to 9 August 1965 inclusive.

Service between 12 August 1966 and 31 December 1966 will only be aggregated as qualifying service if a member was posted for operations to Malaya or Malaysia on or before 12 August 1966.

The prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore is the landmass of East Malaysia (that is: the States of Sabah and Sarawak on the Island of Borneo), the Malay Peninsula, and the Island of Singapore. The prescribed operational area also includes the sea area of Malaysia.

Category Two:

Those members of the UK Armed Forces , who had their period of service in the operational area terminated by death, or by evacuation due to illness or injury or other disability due to that service, during the period 31 August 1957 to 12 August 1966 inclusive, and before the completion of the period of qualifying service prescribed in Category One.

Regardless of your father's eligibility, we thank you for your expression of support and are delighted to welcome you as a new member of this association. We hope that you will feel free to participate in our Forum activities and the campaign to whatever level you may feel inclined.


Paroi...Rasah...Batu Signals Troop.
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