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If it doesn't have 'PJM' in it ... pl don't!
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Post If it doesn't have 'PJM' in it ... pl don't! 
This Forum belongs to members of Fight4thePJM and is freely available to all (if they register).

The Forum and the Fight4thePJM web site is provided at no cost to the campaign or to PJMers. People give freely of their time to maintain the web site - and they often have to carry out their duties after a full day's work. Therefore anything that takes their time to sort out is a drain on their resources.

We do all we can to allow everyone to contribute or to sound off - heaven knows, PJMers have enough to sound off about. But there are certain no-go areas. There are few rules, but the fundamental etiquette involved is that all posts are free from personal abuse and non-PJM oriented political bias (i.e. the stating of a bias that does not have a PJM connotation whether supportive or otherwise of our campaign).

Recently, off-topic posts have led to thoughtless, personal, and political asides. We have asked for restraint but sadly the response has not been what we had hoped.

And so to our final plea(se) ... please do not start a New Topic (*) if your post does not contains the words Pingat Jasa Malaysia (or PJM), i.e. words explaining your New Topic's relevance to our campaign. All offending New Topics will be zapped without further ado.

Subsequent Posts in response need not contain the PJM reference required for the initial post that opened the New Topic, but must remain on-topic. Off-topic responses will be zapped.

Thank you,


(*) You will know when you start a New Topic ... yours will be the first post you must specify a subject when posting it.

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