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On Channel 4 dispatches this evening (8pm. 22/5/06) there was a programme about the state of the British Army which left the viewer in doubt that it was in a shocking condition just like the rest of our country. A soldier who was wounded in Iraq and was not getting the proper treatment was being represented by a solicitor named Hillary Meredith, and it got me thinking is she specialising in military type work and might like to build a portfolio by representing the fight4thepjm on the case of discrimination under the Race Relations Act and Human Rights legislation, with perhaps a freebie. I know the KOSB people who took the government to court on the disbandment issue obtained the services of a QC free of charge but the poor man became very ill and had to give it up, and the obvious high cost after that caused the case to be abandoned.

Lt. Colonel Young, a Scot, was interviewed by Andrew Gillingham as he is instrumental in trying to set up an Army Federation based on the lines of the Police Federation so that soldiers can be better protected, especially from criminal civil actions whilst carrying out wartime duties.

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