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Just spotted this >>>>

Are they worth the £26 million ??.


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Post Civil Service. 
The Civil service is 'unfit for purpose' reported a think tank named Reform.

It also said 'direct ministerial appointment of officials, reinforced by enhanced scrutiny of civil servants by Parliamentary committees, would make the system more transparent and honest'. Haven't we been telling our MP's for almost four years that civil servants have been misrepresenting the truth, obfuscating and trying to bully us just because we proved that they have no lawful authority to make 'in-house' rules preventing UK citizens from wearing the PJM which cannot be implemented or enforced against British citizens and that Parliament should step in and stop this breach of our democratic rights.

Reform also reported former Trade Minister Lord Jones caused a stir when he said the civil service could get by with half its current staff and many officials 'deserved the sack'. Where is Lord Jones now that we need him?

The answer to your question Phredd is everyone knows just how twisted the civil service is at the top but no-one is going to do anything about it so they will keep getting their big salaries, bonuses and golden pensions. Perhaps an enquiry on expenses, like the recent House of Commons one, is required to start some judicial thinning of the top Mandarins and show them that they are not running (sorry ruining) this country.

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