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Is the Cabinet Office dumb?
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Post Is the Cabinet Office dumb? 
The Cabinet Office do not answer any of my emails or letters WHY?
Maybe you could ask them.

Here are two emails that I sent in May

On the 6th June 2006 (no reference number) you sent me a letter not only refusing to meet me but also stating that the Government made the decision to accept the PJM and not give permission to wear.
Since then various members of your department have stated that it was HM the Queen that took this decision and only last month you finally released a document which shows that Sir Robin Janvrin (or is it Janvirn) actually took the decision no mention of the Queen. So who did make the decision?

Could you please inform me which of these statements is true or is it none of the above.

Denis I do look forward to receiving an answer from you but due to insufficient lung capacity I shall not be holding my breath and that is because you and your staff are failing to abide by the Civil Service Code of Conduct and answer my letters and emails.
Why is this?

I’ll ask you again meet me and let us discuss the facts surrounding the PJM if you refuse me this time it can only be because you know that we are right.

If you would like a copy of all the letters and emails that you and your staff have sent me please let me know.
Over the past few years my emails, letters and phone calls to you and all the staff in your department have always been polite so why do you and your staff now fail to respond to any of my emails?

Now I’m going to ask one more time if I fail to receive a reply I shall take that as what I am saying is correct and publish as such on the internet; I regret having to take this course of action but you give me no choice when you or your staff fail to communicate with me.
Please let’s get back to communicating you may disagree with me that is your right which is something I will always defend.

My question is under the Freedom of Information Act:
Has your department had at any time or still have a document or letter or any piece of paper bearing the Queens signature or initials or mark in reference to the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM)?
If you fail to answer then I shall it that the answer is YES.

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If you address your emails or letters and mark them Private & Confidential the recipient must reply to that letter from his/her department, even if it is 'we have nothing further to add to The Ministerial Statement of January 31st 2006'

Go for it, if they do not respond, take the issue further.........

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