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Medallic Nepotism
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Post Medallic Nepotism 
I have just replied to a posting on the NMBVA web site about the sight of Prince Edward sporting his three unrestricted gongs. For therapy purposes (mine), I repeat my response here .....

You’re right, Ivor! It gets your dander up when you ponder those tin trinkets in the context of the shameful injustice that has just been heaped upon us and our deserved service medal.

That Kiwi commemorative medal “Awarded only during 1990 to 3,632 selected persons in recognition of the contribution they had made.” Err … how does that work, then? Now call this ole soldier (PJM qualifier, by the way, YRH, and proud of it) Mr Cynical if you must, but Edward Antony Richard Louis Mountbatten-Windsor was 26 years old in 1990 - what contribution to New Zealand could he possibly have made other than not having travelled there? He was too busy making a ‘Charlie’ of himself on TV in “It’s a Knockout” as I recall. And how he did sulk!

I don’t want to examine the Jubilee Medals too closely - I know I won’t be amused (as his great-great-great whatever may have said). Sorry, can’t help myself so I will examine the situation. Wasn’t the aforesaid Prince only thirteen years old when The Queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee. Where did he stick his unrestricted award?

And as far as the Golden Jubilee is concerned, in 2002 Prince Edward was still trying to extricate himself from his position as Director of Production and Joint Managing Director of the failing Ardent company.

I, too, was incensed when I saw a picture of Prince Edward in his ersatz uniform of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry sporting three medals none of which had been earned and all of which had been agreed by his mother for accepting and wearing.

Does the HD Committee have any sense of the ridicule they have brought upon the house of Windsor through their insulting recommendation?

If you have any reservations about this form of medallic nepotism and feel aggrieved about having to leave your PJM at home in November, join us in the Fight for the Right to wear the PJM at

.... having repeated that I now feel better! But I'll re-read Gerald's Ode once more - it's either that or I put a tap in the top of my head!

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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