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Yesterday, 31st. January, 2010, is the fourth anniversary of the Written Ministerial Statement on the PJM issued by Ian Pearson MP, The Minister for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It says that the Honours and Decoration Committee has recommended to HM The Queen an exception to the two rules to enable the Malaysian Government to present the PJM and that HM The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve this recommendation. You will note that nothing has yet been said about the wearing of the PJM so the suspicion that the recommendation to The Queen, despite denials to the contrary, was only to accept the PJM, is clearly stated in this document.

Two members of the fight4thepjm committee have had an FOI request with the Information Commissioner for nearly two years requesting that this recommendation of the HD Committee about the PJM be produced and although we have now been given a ‘case worker’ on our complaint, a decision on whether or not we can see this recommendation is still pending.

The Written Ministerial Statement refers later to the right to wear the PJM being prohibited but it makes no mention of The Queen issuing any directive, Royal Warrant, Royal Decree, or Royal Sign Manual, which confirms that she declined to give permission to wear. This document is, of course, a government ‘departmental’ document which has not been passed by our elected government in the House of Commons, and the rules they quote are in-house government administrative rules which are not on the statute book and cannot be libelled against any British citizen under any circumstances.

Mr Ian Pearson MP for Dudley, later said in a newspaper interview ‘This recommendation needs to be looked at again, I am very keen for our veterans to wear this medal and hope they will be given permission to do so by Remembrance Sunday’. However, the HD Committee, a group of unelected civil servants, failed to heed any of our elected representatives and defied the democratic process but the fight for justice and democratic rights for British veterans of the Malaya/Borneo campaigns continues against this bureaucratic stubbornness.

Although it is four years since the disgraceful Written Ministerial Statement was issued, some of our group have been challenging the right of the civil service to discipline ordinary British citizens for almost five years now.

We have made great strides and we have proved that HM The Queen gave a Royal Warrant with the Royal Sign Manual which was published in the London Gazette of 3rd. May, 1968, that any foreign award, decoration or medal which receives HM’s approval for acceptance can be worn without restriction.

The establishment have been caught out with this extant Royal decree and the ridiculous lies about British citizens being treated as crown servants for life continue to be produced by their lie factory.

We have a just and undeniable case for the PJM to be given permission to be worn in line with all the other Commonwealth veterans whose service in Malaya/Borneo made them eligible for this honour awarded by the Agong and government of Malaysia.

The decision making process that determines the strategic direction of our country has almost broken down with the taxpayer having lost control of an administration which dictates rather than serves. We will not give up and can only hope that in the future we have a government who will listen to and serve the people of our country. And to those in the civil service who will not talk to us remember …..don’t be irreplaceable. if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.

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............two years is a long time to wait for a reply but stay tuned Spring is just around the corner..............

HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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Post Crown Servants for life 
OK! If we are crown servants for life, it therefore follows, that we are entitled to a full military pension, for life. I bet they never even stopped to think that one out, but then, that would be par for the course for that lot.

Every time they open their mouths they put their foot in it, and I'm afraid to say, lacks clarity of thought. I find it disconcerting that our lives are regulated by people who are not capable of thinking. It is no wonder that this country is the laughing stock of the world.

The Chinese are having a field day, watching with awe and wonder, as The Emporer Artone, criticising the Chinese for abuses of human rights, and imprisonment without trial, then does the very thing he accuses the Chinese of doing.

Watched the former PM giving evidence, and believe me, he was about two miles short of integrity. I trust that when the Pope comes to the UK, he sprinkles holy water over the head of said Artone. That should guarantee he dissolve like the wicked witch of the west.

Yours Aye

Arthur R-S

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