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MST of the Cabinet Office
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Post MST of the Cabinet Office 
I sent a copy of the FCO files that refer to the London Gazette Notice 5057 to Matt Tee of the Cabinet Office on March 24th 2009 to prove that we can wear the PJM, just before Christmas I received acknowledgement of this, not an answer mind you just an acknowledgement.
This acknowledgement was not signed just an email address so below is my reply to that email address.

Dear MST
Many thanks for your undated note envelope post marked 14.12.09 thanking me for my letter of the 24th March (I assume you mean 2009).
I have contacted the Guinness Book of Records to see if 9 months is a record for a Whitehall department to answer a letter and it seems I do not even come close for Mrs Simpson is still waiting for a reply to see if she can attend her brother-in laws Coronation and Queen Boudica’s application to have the speed limit reduced on the Fosse Way is yet to reach the planning stage.

Joking apart as you have taken so long to reply can I take it that you have studied the FCO Files that I sent you and you now agree that the London Gazette Notice 5057 does apply to the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM).

I await your speedy reply
Kind regards

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Speedy reply; yeah about 7 months I should think. MST (Matt (S?)Tee) perhaps.

"Being caught by the short and curlies" comes to mind, they having been put in a corner and now needing time to think about the next move.

Mind you, Matt Tee was previously boss of NHS Direct. He has claimed, has have others ie, Ministers, senior civil servants and so on, that this is a first class service and supports the NHS. My personal view is that it isn't; but merely a goalkeeping institution, diverting patients from those who could actually help. Usually you are referred to your own GP after, at first, giving all your personal details, at their request, to someone you think is a qualified medical person, only to find out, as I did, that it was a "call agent" (goalkeeper) who asked me to wait while she referred me to, presumably, someone who was qualified to answer my questions and give professional advice, who would then return my call. The first time I received a call back it was from some individual who's first language was definitely not English, and was heavily accented and gave me little understanding of what I was supposed to do. I simply said thank you and put the phone down. There have been instances where lives have, indeed, been saved; football goalkeepers do, on occasions, save penalties.

We have now, therefore, a department who skills in obstructionism may have been honed to a high standard; indeed, you could, perhaps in the near furture, receive your fifth ASBO. and other equally non-productive answer.

I would like to think that I am wrong, and that Matt Tee is currently investigating our case as I had hoped he might when he was first appointed. As Government Communications Chief he is responsible, inter alia, for the quality, accuracy, integrity, and fairness in the dealings Civil Servants have with the members of the public and their decisions and general conduct. If this is the case, I would not apologise , but would state, that the NHS Direct was formed as a direct result of Government spin where actions are made to look as if they are effective, but do little to solve the problems which are the result of Government policies and not of the personal abilities of those involved of whatever status.

Should he really delve into the history of our campaign, it should become very clear why, unfortunately, a few senior civil servants have attracted to themselves, and the Civil Service in general, such opprobrium. All he need do is to log on to Fight4thePJM website and see not only samples of the inaccuracies, misinformation and obfuscation, let alone the re-writing of rules to fit their own agenda, together with our rebutals to illustrate just what a paranoid campaign the civil servants have conducted, presumably right from the very start in order to cover up their corporate cock-ups or some assumed indiviual VIP (we have our own thoughts on this).

Let's hope it happens; I won't hold my breath!

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