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Wear the PJM with Pride
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Post Wear the PJM with Pride 
We receive considerable support from Malaysia. Many remain astonished at the attitude of the British Government towards their country and towards those who served the newly independent Malaysia in the protection of its independence.

I received this message this morning - I think everyone will wish to read it:

"My late father was attached to the British Army ...think he was at one time based in Terendak Camp in Malacca. He passed away when I was still very small. At that time I still couldn’t figure out what was going on in this world ... wars, sufferings, fighting, purpose of it, etc.. It’s a shame that I never got to grow up quicker to be able to make meaningful conversations with him ...and try to understand the war at that time. Perhaps learn appreciate what you all went through ...

You are the first person I’m trying to write to and try to feel connected to that part of history ...about something that took place long ago in my country. I am now trying to learn more about it ... or trying to recollect the old days and memories of my late father. I still keep my late father’s medals (“1939-1945 star” & “the pacific star”) and other paraphernalia ...and still feeling proud of him every time I take them out to give it a good polish and shine.

What you and the others did/fought for us Malaysians are not and will not be forgotten ... as far as we the sons and daughters of your generation are concerned, we will always appreciate, be thankful and grateful to all of you heroes !!

It doesn’t matter whether governments give you the right to wear the PJM ... it’s us the offspring that you guys have made for us our future today!! You guys left your motherland and fought for us here, a truly worthy cause. This is beyond any gov ... so be proud to wear the PJM. Thank you.

Best regards & Cheers!

Kevin Yap"

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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Truly moving Barry.

I wonder if somehow we could get that message to all the suits if they haven't already read it!

HD Committee: Amateurs in a Professional World
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They have probably read it John, but, as we all know, they have to maintain the status quo. Junior civil servants live in fear of their higher ups, considering that annual reviews can make or break a career in the civil service.

How sad then, that the sword of Damocles can be held over the heads of juniors. After all, how ironic it is, that the civil service were instrumental in bringing in the legislation for bullying in the workplace.
It doesn't take a genius to guess that something screwy is going on.

Yours Aye


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Post Kevin Yap. 
I hope Mr. Kevin Yap reads our forum as I would like to thank him for his kind words and appreciation of the part we playing in the birth of his nation.
It really is such an injustice when our own Queen turns her back on her own troops who fought in Malaysia and Borneo and singled them out for special treatment in the Commonwealth in the non-wearing of the PJM.
We are all very proud of Malaysia and its wonderful people and we will wear the PJM with pride at every opportunity. The British bureaucrats will not stop me wearing it, they cannot stop me wearing it and they know this and their persistentence that they have not given official permission to wear the PJM is just chilldish nonsense and pure arrogance which shames our country and insults our friends overseas.
Malaysia boleh!

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