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Post FCO 
Latest letters to and replies from.

"Dear Sir / Madam,

I have been subject to a decision made by the Honours and Decorations Committee in respect of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal, awarded by the Agong and Government of Malaysia to those Commonwealth personnel who served in that country during the "Emergency" and "Confrontation".
This decision led to a written Ministerial Statement by the then Minister for Trade, Investment and Foreign Affairs, Mr Ian Pearson MP, on the 31st of January 2006.
In essence, I am allowed to accept this medal for my service in Malaysia but lack any formal permission to wear it following the HD Committees recommendation to Her Majesty the Queen..

I find this a decision that is unfair and unjust, and an insult to our Malaysian friends.particularly in light of the fact that other Commonwealth personnel (Australian, New Zealand) have been given that permission to accept and wear this award, also by Her Majesty.

I note that in the FCO booklet for staff, namely "Getting it Right", any release of information is subject to the "In the Public Interest" test (page 24 section 37). On page 19 of the booklet, this suggests a criteria of contributing to public understanding.

Other Veterans have asked for sight of the minutes of the HD Committee meeting that made these decision and been refused under the Section 37 quoted above.

I do not understand how these decisions have been made, neither do many thousands of Veterans and others involved. However, in this instance I speak for myself. I believe these decisions to be unfair and unjust . Surely, if the decisions taken by the HD Committee have been made with sound evidence and argument, as one would hope, and can explain on what basis British Veterans are being treated so differently to others, then the HD Committee have nothing to fear from the release of these minutes where they appertain to the PJM discussions.

Yours faithfully,

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Pingat Kami - Hak Kami
651 Signal Troop,
Semengo Camp,
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Post Cabinet Office 
Dear Mr. Brennan,

May I refer to your letter of the 5th of October to Mr. Barry Fleming, a letter also signed by Sarah Gillett, Director of Protocol, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ian Keith, Head, Defence Services Secretary, Honours and Ceremonial. As I do not have the e-mail addresses of M/s Gillett and Mr Keith, I would be most grateful if you could ensure that the have sight of this letter.

In light of your response to Mr. Fleming, I am moved to make clear my full support for him and the questions he continues to put, certainly on my behalf. I am sure others will speak for themselves. Such questions often arise from the various Reponses he, and many others receive, in trying to understand a decision which in simple terms, is seen to be unfair and contrary to any sense of natural justice.

You will be well aware of the decision by the Honours and Decorations Committee to which I refer.

Whilst I can understand your frustration at the overwhelming level of communications Government is receiving on this matter- your response of the 5th of October indicates, I believe, just how much- I hope you will understand that those of us who served our country during the Malaysian 'Emergency' and 'Confrontation' feel deeply and passionately that this decision is inherently wrong.

First the initial refusal of this Government to accept the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal, given in good spirit, from a friendly and honourable nation and the insult that caused, and then after much pressure, to accept it on our behalf but without the formal permission to wear it. All this at the same time as the Governments and Head of State (Her Majesty the Queen) of our colleagues in arms from Australia, New Zealand etc. accepted with good will, the same award, for the same service, at the same time.

Mr. Brennan, we are told that there are rules that prevent permission being given, if so, I say these rules are wrong. No right minded person could look at this situation and say it is fair.

It would cost this country absolutely nothing to make 35,000 Veterans (and voters) happy and to pay respect to the hundreds of our colleagues who paid the ultimate price, and the many many more, who had their lives changed for ever by their injuries in both body and mind.

My contribution to events in Malaya/Malaysia were of little significance, but I have had the honour to communicate with real heroes in this fight. This is why we will continue to fight, will continue to inform others by all lawful means, continue to press for this wrong to be righted.

With respect Mr. Brennan, we will not go away, we will not tire of the fight, we are in for the long haul, as long as it takes.

Please advise that this decision is reversed.

Yours sincerely,

(Still having trouble uploading reply for some reason)

Pingat Kami - Hak Kami
651 Signal Troop,
Semengo Camp,
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Brilliant Semengo.....Well done!

Paroi...Rasah...Batu Signals Troop.
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