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The Fight4thePJM's Fully Funded Contingency Plans
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Post The Fight4thePJM's Fully Funded Contingency Plans 
In the following post we announced that we had extended our budget in reply to the Conservative Party’s promise of a review of the Foreign Decorations Rules and the PJM if the PJM had not previously been granted Unrestricted Acceptance.

We have contingency plans in place - and now we have the budget to implement them.

BarryF wrote:
Latest F4 News! While we fight Phase II of this campaign Fight4thePJM does not seek funding, only your support, and despite the hectic year to date, our worldwide campaign has stayed within budget!

And the great news is that we can confirm an extension to our Three-Year Phase II Business Plan, if it is required, through to the next UK Parliamentary Elections. This is a direct response to the Conservative Party's promise to hold reviews if the PJM has not previously been awarded Unrestricted Acceptance so Brits can wear their PJMs.

We are apolitical and this exciting news does not infer support for any political Party - it is simply our way of saying that if someone is prepared to do their bit, we'll do ours - and to demonstrate that their support will be vindicated we'll keep the Fight4thePJM Campaign going until they (whoever they are) are in business - and ready to do business.

We are a single issue campaign. We are fighting for the right of British citizens to wear the PJM. If British citizens are given that right (a right already awarded by The Queen to all other Commonwealth countries) then we shall pack our bags and go home.

The HD Committee is about to report on their review (allegedly!) but we want you to know that we're ready for anything and we've budgeted for anything (unlike the suits in the MoD who couldn't organise a 'Party' in a Brewery). If this Government decides not to support British Malaya-Borneo veterans (nor our Petition to The Queen, nor a couple of hundred MPs, nor many dignitaries), then we publicly state that we have the capacity to wage this campaign until a Government is prepared to rectify this injustice ... and the Conservatives have promised precisely that.

If we get a rejection slip again by the HD Committee and HMG, we'll immediately launch Phase Three of this Campaign. Phase III will be quite different from the current 'fight for the right' Phase Two (Phase One was Jan 2005 - 31st Jan 2006 and the infamous Ministerial Statement). Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but if it does we're ready and willing and able with our contingency plans and budget in place.

Thank you for your continuing support.

The Fight4thePJM Team

Read the full story and add your comments at [url][/url]

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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