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Bomber Command 1939-45 Medal
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Post Bomber Command 1939-45 Medal 
I see from the Daily Mail (yesterday) that an EDM has been submitted to correct the wrong done to Bomber Command in the last war by not giving them a specific campaign medal. 123 signatures to date and the article written by Max Hastings is well worth reading in it he slams the HD Committee for their lack of flexibility. A two pronged attack? If any one group was and is deserving of a medal it was Bomber Command during the last war, over 50% casualties!

I think that the entire medallic system of this country is about to suffer it's greatest attack of all time now and yes, there are many other awards that need to be addressed. MP's have got a taste for it I think and I believe that the PJM campaign has gone a long way to feeding this criticism.


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Post Re: Bomber Command 1939-45 Medal 
MP's have got a taste for it I think and I believe that the PJM campaign has gone a long way to feeding this criticism.

Agree completely with your comment re the validity of the Bomber Command boys medal claim John!....and I sincerely hope that your addendum quoted above is valid.....I'd love to believe that the PJM campaign might have added to the credibility of others and concurrently diminished the credibility of the current illogical and undemocratic system.

Paroi...Rasah...Batu Signals Troop.
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Post Bomber Command Medal 
The EDM is 218, and as John said has 126 signatures (cross party). 126 on the EDM site.

I have sent an email to Ms Sally Keeble thus:

Dear Ms Keeble,

I am grateful for your support over the years for our Pingat Jasa Malaysia Campaign.

I would be grateful if you woulld sign EDM 218 - In respect of the long delayed recognition of the sacrifices made in WWII by the RAF Bomber Command. The present campaign by MPs has already taken on a cross party effort.

There is no similiarity between this and the PJM; however there is much similarity between the 1952 Suez Medal, which was grudgingly granted after the intervention by then Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the Arctic Medal, which eventually after a struggle, was issued a an emblem. It is said that the original application for an RAF Bomber Command Medal was denied by the then HD Committee.

The problem is that this present application/campaign for a medal will be stoppped in its tracks by MoD DS Sec Ceremonial, Honours 1, which is likely to be that same officer who initially orchestrated the opposition to both the Suez Medal and the Arctic Medal (emblem) as well as interfering in the matter of the PJM while constantly assuring us that the PJM was not in their remit! In my opinion, what is required is an explicit order from Parliament; HD Committe are advisers, ergo their advice can be taken, modfied or rejected!

The similarity between the Bobmber Command Medal and the PJM will be the overuling of any decision made by the HD Committee, who incidentally are the Cabinet Officer Ceremonial Officer, Mr Dennis Brennan, also Secretary of the HD Committee, the MoD who have representatives on that Committee, the Queen's private secretary and the Cabinet Secretary/Head of the Civil Service who is Chairman, but who's involvement is unknown in so far as this committee rarely meets (not since February 2005) and who's business is conducted by 'phone, email or letter post.

You may be interested in the following quotes from "How to be a Civil Servant":http//

Page 1: "We are not employed to "make policy" or "to manage...........".

"Indeed although we continue to work for Ministers, we often have to *use Ministers ( I know no
better word) in order to achieve Minister's own objects". ( I consider this statement to be
outrageous and is why I and others consider some Ministers to be prisoners of their Civil Servants).

Page 2: "..........Equally, however, don't automatically assume that any one individual in the unit is
speaking on behalf of the Prime Minister (rather like one letter I received) They may well be doing
so, but they may also be giving their own views which may not be shared by others.

" You also need to show that you can cope with setbacks and can dig yourself - and your
Minister - out of a hole. Indeed if you have made a mistake yourself, and then said sorry and
done your best to put it right, you will probably find that this results in your having a stronger
relationship with your Minister. He or She will have made mistakes too! (largely I believe on the
Civil Servants advice; the PJM civil servants have not tried sorry yet, they are still digging a
hole for themselves and their Minister) .

Page 4: The crude wording is theirs, not mine!

"....and most people that we meet, will present a one-sided view of an issue, drawing attention to
all the relevant facts and arguments which support their case but failing, either deliberately
or through sheer conviction, to take account of inconvenient facts or opposing arguments.
But as you gain experience, you will quickly learn to detect the pure adovcate or bullshitter!

We now know what they think of those who are not prepared to accept their decisions. Which is why there's a requirement for an accountable Awards Committee, Chaired by a Member of Parliament, and is urgently needed.

Yours sincerely

David Dilley

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Post Bomber Command 1939-1945 
Received to day in repsonse to my email above:

thanks. I will sign this one once Parliament resumes. We can't sign while it is in recess.
Best regards
Sally Keeble MP
Northampton North

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