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The Fight4thePJM Lapel Pin
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Post The Fight4thePJM Lapel Pin 
In the context of the reports on the NMBVA Discussion Forum regarding replicas of our badge being sold commercially, I have just posted this:

I am one of those engaged in leading the campaign for the Fight4thePJM and I was involved in the design of our Lapel Badge and our motto, “Pingat Kami - Hak Kami”, and I was also involved in the arrangements for its manufacture. We conferred with our Malaysian friends (some in high places) to ensure that our badge was courteous to them both in design and language. They tell us they think highly of it and its meaning and its objectives (to promote support for the campaign for British citizens to wear their medal). I mention this only to fully declare my interest in this matter.

The Fight4thePJM team not only will not profit from veterans via the sale of anything including the Lapel Pin, but I can confirm that every single penny paid for the Lapel Pin goes to service organisations and other causes. In other words, we do not retain any of the monies from Lapel Pin sales, funding the whole of the costs ourselves (ourselves being the lead team – Fight4thePJM does not levy membership fees and is free from any political or organisational affiliations).

Here are just two examples of how we use the money from the sale of Fight4thePJM Lapel Pins. First Service connections: Norman knows that we made a substantial contribution to his fund raising for the Gurkha Welfare Trust – we have also contributed to other associations connected with Malaysia/Borneo. Second Conservation connections: We contribute to the World Wildlife Fund's vital work in the jungles of Borneo and have also “adopted” Koyah, a young Orang-Utang who lives in Borneo (read all about Koyah and her mum at

And there is much more. We have not publicised these activities before for obvious reasons - and we're not in the business of 'gong chasing’ for the little that we do, which is why we always act anonymously. It was only after very careful thought that I decided to talk about these issues. I thought those who sell ‘unauthorised’ replicas of the Fight4thePJM Lapel Pin for their own profit, and those who buy the Lapel Pin from such people, should understand the effect of their actions - i.e. every replica bought from a profit-making commercial company takes money away from those causes.

It is your decision of course.

Meanwhile, I hope we can now put this matter behind us - there are already enough divisive pressures on Malaya-Borneo Veterans. We don't need another.

Thank you,


PS We may have no alternative but to challenge the legitimacy of the sale of these 'replicas'. Enterprise is one thing, but taking without asking somebody else's original product and original motto words that they have worked hard to produce (and have funded) is a particularly unpleasant face of capitalism.

PPS So long as there is a demand we shall continue to offer the lapel pin for sale at, and we will continue to do so on our non-profit basis. We will not be party to anyone profiting from ex-servicemen and women and so will always ensure the price you pay is lower than anywhere else. Why be ripped off with a replica? Buy the real thing from Fight4thePJM or your NMBVA Branch and benefit worthwhile causes. There’s a link to the F4 Lapel Pin shop on the Home Page (click on HOME, top left, then move down the Home page until you see a picture of the badge) or go to

BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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Just to add to Barry's personal brief.

A friend of mine assisted in the design of the PJM lapel pin, making the final adjustments to meet our needs, he isn't a member of this forum nor is he entitled to the PJM although he did serve less than the qualifying period of 90 days in the theatre and by this shows the quality of support towards our aim of righting a wrong, there are many around us willing to assist like Dave who has not been well of late.

Dave if you read this mate, I thank you for your time, your fortitude and wish you a speedy recovery. On behalf of PJMers everywhere THANKS!

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John Cooper wrote:

Dave if you read this mate, I thank you for your time, your fortitude and wish you a speedy recovery. On behalf of PJMers everywhere THANKS!

If you are reading this page Dave, then I too thank you for your time spent on designing OUR F4 Lapel Badge.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka,
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