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How do you avoid making a Maltese Cross ...
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Post How do you avoid making a Maltese Cross ... 
How do you avoid making a Maltese Cross? ... Easypeasy! You get the Queen to approve his medals for UNRESTRICTED wear!!

And despite the aforesaid medals breaking every alleged rule in the alleged "long-established" rule book that the FCO/MoD/HD Committee actually make up as they go along without any authority to do so ... except their own.

What you do is this. You have a word with Chris Edge (FCO), and Richard Coney (MoD) and Denis Brennan (Cabinet Office and HD Committee member) and suggest that when the Maltese offer a medal that breaks their alleged "long-established" rules, they simply re-write the rules and tell the Honours and Decorations Committee to nip across to Buck House and tell the Queen to sign a little bit of paper decreeing that the Maltese Medal can be accepted AND worn.

Then they can nip along the corridor and be the first to tell Prince Phillip that he has another gong that he can wear! Yippee - the messengers of good tidings can also put in a good word for themselves to set up their own gong/knighthood/peerage.

See the link below for confirmation that the Malta 50year Anniversary was granted formal unrestricted permission for wear. But that happened on the basis that:

1. You already had to have the Africa Star (thus the two-faced British FCO/MOD/HD Committee broke one of their alleged "long-established" rules, the one called 'double-medalling', and

2. The medal was in respect of services/events more than 5 years earlier, actually 50 years earlier, thuis breaking a second of their sacrosanct alleged "long established" rules.

And I mention all that because those two alleged "long-established" rules are the very ones designed to deny you the right to wear the PJM.

And I am not digging up prehistoric history for this clear example of betrayal of Malaya-Borneo veterans - this all happened just 10 or so years ago in the early 1990's.

And I emphasise that I do not begrudge those entitled to this medal - including Prince Philip. All I am saying is that for as long as this shower of two-faced civil servants and HD Committee members continue to deny us our rights within an unfair an inconsistent system managed at their discretion to suit their own agenda, then I shall remain in this fight.



BarryF, who fought for the Right to Wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia
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