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Human Rights for all.
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Post Human Rights for all. 

Since the arrest of a Conservative opposition member of parliament and the search of his office in the Houses of Parliament we have heard a great deal about parliamentary privilege, abuse of democracy and breach of civil liberties.

Apparently the said MP had been receiving information which, if made public, would have been embarrassing to the government, so the police arrested him for allegedly aiding and abetting misconduct in public office, or some other arrestable offence, then went on to search his office in Westminster, allegedly without a warrant.

Apparently the instigator of the report of the said crime to the Police was a Senior Civil Servant named as the Permanent Cabinet Secretary, whoever that is. Parliament had a three hour debate about the police raid on parliament and the Speakers Committee which will investigate it. During this debate it was said many times that members of parliament defend the rights and privileges of the public and they have to defend democracy and civil liberties under the EU Human Rights Act.

If this is correct, which I do not doubt, then why do they sit back and allow the Cabinet Secretary and his unelected HD Committee, which acts in secret, and does not by their own admission report to parliament, the right to issue instructions to British citizens that they (British citizens) do not have permission to wear the PJM. Why do they not sit up and take notice when the democratic rights and civil liberties of ordinary British citizens are being abused in this manner.

We should have the full support of all members of our parliament. The unlawful non-wear restriction of the PJM on British citizens by the unelected civil service committee known as the HD Committee should be revoked and this committee replaced by one which will honour the democratic rights and civil liberties of all. It is an utter shame on Britain that its veterans are singled out for worse or better treatment than others (discrimination) in the Commonwealth of Nations.

We have the legal right to wear the PJM under Royal Warrant and the excuses made to try and stop us wearing it are petty and puerile with the British establishment being made the laughing stock of the free world.

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