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It is a Service Medal
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Post It is a Service Medal 
Below is a letter that I have received from the Cabinet Office, for your convenience I have converted the letter into Word Document it is an exact copy including their spelling error of the word veterans.
My reply is below the Cabinet Letter.
The Cabinet Office at last admit that the PJM is a Service Medal even though they state that the British Government call it a Commemorative Medal the reason this happened is because of the misinformation supplied by the Civil Servants.
I must point out that I have in my possession a statement from the FCO that it is up to the Malaysians to classify the PJM as it is their medal.
You will see by the last paragraph in their letter that I have been given my second ASBO; I’m sure you will all realize that this is proud day for me and my family; I shall wear this second ASBO with pride.
We all know that they lost the plot sometime ago but to issue me once again with a banning order only goes to prove that they have lost the argument.


16 October 2009

Dear Mr Alders,

Thank you for your letter of 2 October to Denis Brennan, copied to me on 5 October by e mail.

The PJM is a Malaysian medal given by the Malaysian Government they may of course designate the medal as they think fit. It is not a British medal. As you know, the UK Government statement of 2006 referred to the PJM as a commemorative medal.

You also referred again in your letter to the London Gazette Notice 5057. That Notice highlighted a change to the regulations for those who were not Crown Servants. As vetetans of a campaign, serving on behalf of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, those eligible to receive the PJM were Crown Servants during the time of their service in Malaysia which the Malaysian Government has sought to recognise. The London Gazette article of 3 May 1968 therefore does not apply to the P^ Moreover, in 1969 further regulations were published which clarified the fact that 'these regulations do not relate to awards of campaign or commemorative war medals'.

It is very clear that you do not agree with the Government's policy on the P^ As 1 said in my letter of 14 September, you have expressed your views to us many times, and over a period of more than three years. We have repeatedly and categorically set out the Government's position to you in correspondence, and in public statements. There is nothing more to add and we consider that this continuing correspondence represents a disproportionate and unwarranted use of public resources. Accordingly, the Cabinet Office will not reply to any further correspondence you may send on the P^

.Yours sincerely,

Lesley Bainsfair (Ms)
My Reply

Denis & Lesley
Many thanks for your letter of the 16th October 2009 (copy attached) and congratulations on at last accepting that the Malaysians classify the PJM as a Service Medal the fact that you consider it to be a Commemorative Medal is of no consequence as I have in my possession correspondence from the FCO stating that it is up to the Malaysians to classify the PJM and not the British. So will you now stop misleading Ministers with incorrect statements.

Also the fact that you claim that the London Gazette Notice 5057 does not apply to the PJM because of Crown Service is incorrect as this notice clearly states that it is when the medal is conferred and we were not in Crown Service in 2005.I must also point out that once again you have failed to back up your claims with documentation were I on the other hand have sent you copies of documents plus FCO File numbers which prove my case. I would like to give you a special thank you for your ASBO (last paragraph of your letter) like all holders of ASBO's I shall wear it with pride because it means you have lost the argument.

Just one more thing could you please point out were in the Civil Service code does it state that you can stop corresponding with members of the public when ever it suits you?

If you would like to arrange a meeting with the PJM Veterans Association to discuss the PJM issue and put an end to this matter once and for all please feel free to contact me at anytime, I promise that I will answer you.

Kindest of regards and I do look forward to hearing from you.

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Post Double Asbo 
Wow a double ASBO bet you are not allowed to wear it.

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Congrats from me too, Paul. Who knows, maybe your reply to said ASBO will get you a hat-trick.


Mike Barton
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Arthur R-S wrote:
I think the term you are looking for GLOman, is rationalisation. The ability to refuse to accept a truth by displacing it with something more palatable to themselves. It attempts to circumvent empirical testing.

That is to say, by example, a child breaks a window with a hammer. Although still holding the hammer, (the smoking gun as it were), tries to put the blame on another.
Sent to bed without any tea as punishment, the child then plays with another toy, forgetting anything that transpired before.

Poor old mum and dad, now feel guilty, for taking such draconian measures against the child. Meanwhile the child has successfully blocked out any complicity in the action.

I hope that answers your question.

Yours Aye

Arthur R-S

Evil or Very Mad

Oh Yeh,

P^? It looks like Greek (permission to formally wear will not be given!). P^ a word not to be spoken by any civil servants. Is it the number of letters which bother them or just the mention of the PJM - oops, sorry P^? It brings to mind Arthur R-S's reply to a letter of mine concerning a similar 'can't see it, therefore it aint there' attitude in a previous post of mine.

In a way I feel sorry for such as she who give their loyalty to such as he, when we have documentary evidence and legal opinion which supports our right to wear the PJM (P^). I am convinced that one day they could be called to answer for their 'waste of time' and intransigence and to explain their misconduct and false premises of our case. The blind 'I must support 'my department and Departmenmtal Head, right or wrong' will leave them facing the consequences of that support. Still, that is up to the individuals concerned; they do have a way out. Best of Luck!


Notice. There may be an election soon. Moreover, currently, the MPs are not favourably disposed towards Senior Civil Servants who exceed the terms of their remit and
change the rules and impose them retrospectively. There could soon be a change in the power base of UK Government to those properly elected to run the Country.
What is needed is a Prime Minister with balls (NOT Ed Balls).

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Post It is a service medal 
Evil or Very Mad

Further to the above. Quote "As you know, the UK Government statement (actually, the civil servants assertion of the P^'s Status) of 2006 referred to the P^ as a commemorative medal".

In otherwords, bugger the Malaysians description of their honourable PJM as a Service to Malaysia Medal; we called it a commemorative medal and commemorative medal it stays! Whatever we civil servants and our prisoner Ministers call something that is what it is. For example, the eight helicopters occupying parking space at Yeovil/Yeovilton are not, according to Bob Ainsworth, unserviceable but are used as a reserve for training pilots, aircrew and Infantry and others (true, I watched it myself on the tele) who will use Helicopters on operational service in Afghanistan and Iraq. I notice that Lord Myners of "distinguished people" Banking fame is urging the postmen not to strike for better terms, while the Bankers are looking forward to even greater bonuses; perhaps striking postmen are not distinguished people while bankers are. Where do priorities enter into the equation? Where is Government control?

If ever more evidence was needed that it IS the Civil Servants who ru(i)n this country (see the handbook 'How to be a civil servant' in which it states that, "no other word for it, we have to use the MP at times) it is that on all ocasions when they have to justify outrageous, controversial or barely understandable outpourings, it is the Government, Prime Minister, Ministers or Her Majesty The Queen who are cited as their authority. Indeed sometimes I (we) feel that these decisions and their promulgation get nowhere near Ministers or others for signature but signed on the PM* or Ministers behalf, or in the case of HM, the use of the Royal Prerogative. *Note PM stands for Prime Minister not Peter Mandleson.

On its introduction ( the Blair* of trumpets sound, stage left), the Civil Service Code looked good, but like anything else that is not to their liking it was adapted by them to suit their agenda; try this! "Deal with the public and their affairs fairly, efficiently, promptly, effectively and sensitively, to the best of your ability". Yeh, well. Paul has been awarded a furter ASBO, however, if I remember rightly he received an ASBO signed by three Departmental Heads; should the total, in reality, not now be four ASBOs? Others of our Committee have, too, recieved ASBOs. So much for the civil service code. These Civil Servants protest that we question their integrity, lack respect and do not treat them with deference; hands up all those who think the Civil Servants should be treated with due respect? ..............................................................come on then, I meant now ....................................................................... Oh well, alright then!

Moreover, she contends that we do not agree with the Governments decision regarding the wearing of the P^; but we know it comes from the Cabinet Office with collusion from others perhaps as high up as a Palace Officer and that the man of straw was advised that we couldn't wear the P^, when he should have directed that permission to wear it will be granted!

*Blair, yeh, I know it should be blare of, but I emphasised the spin jobby!



(why say what I mean)

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Thanks for the quote David. Nice to know everyone is still on the ball.

It is abundantly obvious that the civil service is, as we put it in psychological terms, taking the P^.

With regard to Emperor R Tone, even his trusted deputy baulks at him being president of Europe and had the good sense to publicly state it. A sentiment shared by all, I think.

Let's hope the rest of Europe remove their heads from their respective rear ends, and smell the coffee regarding this totally implausable man.

Anyone sighted him wearing his congressional medal of honour yet?

Yours Aye

Arthur R-S

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