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World War II Bomber Command.
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Post World War II Bomber Command. 

It seems that the HD Committee and the present PM are using the five year rule to prevent the award of a medal to those who served in bomber command during the war.
The PM in a letter to a petition signed by 10,000 people on behalf of the 55,000 bomber command veterans, said ‘the question of a medal was considered by the Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals, after the war and they turned down the request for reasons that remain unknown’. PM Brown also said rules meant it was not possible to award medals for wars fought more than five years ago.

A historian said ‘this isn’t a matter of petty rules, it is a matter of national shame’.

The Prime Minister has turned down our request for the non-wear rule of the PJM to be changed to unrestricted wear as authorised by Her Majesty the Queen in the London Gazette of 3rd. May, 1968 – he turned down the award of bravery medals to the three of the four citizens who assisted in the Glasgow airport attack by alleged terrorists – he has now turned down the bomber command veterans. All this from a listening Prime Minister who is allegedly operating a transparent government when we at the fight4thepjm campaign know that it is the Honours and Decorations Committee who call all the shots and instruct the government and Prime Minister on non-statutory, discretionary, and self-made rules.

Democracy, what democracy?

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Post And more in the same vein... 
COPIED FROM THE express site today....GORDON BROWN’S own MPs last night branded him a “jobsworth” as he hid behind bureaucratic rules to deny a medal to the heroes of Britain’s wartime Bomber Command.

In an extraordinary snub to the many thousands of men whose courage helped save us from Nazi aggression, the Prime Minister said longstanding conventions meant he could do nothing to honour their service.

Responding to the Sunday Express crusade to Honour the Bomber Boys, which won the support of more than 10,000 readers, Mr Brown insisted he admired the “dedication and bravery” of the bomber crews but Government rules meant it was now too late to award them a campaign medal.

Former Labour Foreign Office Minister Denis MacShane however last night savaged his leader’s decision.

He said: “It is very disappointing to hear that this jobsworth spirit is still alive and well. I think the Prime Minister is just setting out the view of the Ministry of Defence and I think they have got it wrong.

Well Mr Mc Shane has struck the proverbial nail squarely upon it's proverbial head, comrades...We PJM'ERS are well aquainted wih both...The HD Commitee's capacity for reaching improper conclusions and the MoD Civil Sevants and the politician's (the PM in particular) prophensity to slavishly accept every uttered word of that incompetent committee as sacrosanct.....'Jobsworth' is a most appropriate title...

Paroi...Rasah...Batu Signals Troop.
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Post Jobsworth 
A most illuminating word.

For those who need a spot-light on the subject, please go to....

It seems to suit the HD suits, the MoD suits, the FCO suits and the Cabinet Office suits admirably.

Note: Pun intended.

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka,
from the HD Committee and its decision.
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What do you expect from a government that is cutting its rescue helicopter strength in the UK by a huge 20% in order to reinforce that element in Afghanistan rather than increase its total assets in order to meet both demands. It is my view (for what it is worth) that every man who flew on bomber ops in WW2 deserves a bravery medal as they did so knowing full well that over 50% losses were the norm, now that is bravery!


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