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Twisted Evil

In view of the latest loss of documents, discs, etc, this time involving Passports and visas, it is difficult not to conclude that were the suits to give the same priority to the security of documents (and other important matters) as they have done, and still do, to ridiculous procedures which prevent, against the wishes of Her Majesty (the LG not "Cock Robin") in regards to the PJM, the security of ALL DOCUMENTS would be of the highest standard in the world!

The Home Office, on behalf of the Minister (the usual fall guy) have stated that although the breach of security is serious, no harm has been done since the items stolen are unusable for technical reasons (oh yeah?), despite which, the POLICE HAVE PUT A "STREET PRICE" OF £M2.5 ON THIS LOSS.

If the suits accepted responsibility honestly and with integrity, with the alacrity with which they accept their "Buggins Turn" gongs, would we have, corporately, wasted 3 years arguing with them?

Can Ms Megg Munn MP, Parliamenary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, really accept that it would be easier to buy a passport or visa stolen from the Foreign Office than it is, or would be, to get the HD Committee to accept a Foreign Office recommendation for 35.000 veterans to "Officialy, formally wear the PJM without restriction"?

To be fair, watch out for more cock ups from the other Departments, MoD, Cabinet Office, Home Office; it seems that personal or other documents are unsafe in the hands of the suits, and never will be until such time as the suits are made accountable for their departments.


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