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No Medals for Heroes.
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GLOman wrote:

Your points 1,2 and 3, absolutely the right questions, but who will admit to allowing this Civil Servant to continually get away with it and to do something about it?

Mr G Brown, himself? If he hasn't got the nerve to do it, what about him referring the matter to the Head of the Civil Service with reference to the Civil Service Code which he, as the H of CS, introduced himself or are we to take it that this was the usual spin to make it look as if it was a serious attempt to constrain the antics of his CS, perhaps another unsuitable choice?

What can we expect of our democratically elected members of Parliament, such as those who signed the EDMs and supported our case in the debate. I think that it is about time the 'gloves came off', forget about the niceties of procedure, and for the MP's of all Parties, as they have so far, support a definite move to get this person and system sorted out! Such a move could act as a 'wake up' call to the CS in all other Departments of Government to realise that this Country is run by Parliament and not by Civil Servants and perhaps no more costly mistakes for the taxpayers and voters!

Agreed. We in the F4 have unconsciously stirred up a nest of vipers and been faced with a conspiracy of eight civil servants who do not know what the truth or integrity is. If so they would have made their excuses and given the PJM the deserved right to wear because they are going to have to give it some day, even if take another 20 years (some of us will still be alive then). Don Touhig hit it right on ther nail when he said 'sweep them aside, ignore them and let parliament decide as was done in Australia and New Zealand'. The continuing of allowing the British honours and Decorations system to be operated by a Senior Civil Servant in the Cabinet Office is outdated and the government of the day should appoint a Minister to deal with this, preferably The Don. After all, Civil Servants are the servants of the government and the people and they should not be permitted to deal directly with the Queen. This should be done by the people's representative - the Head of the elected government. They will tell you that this is already done through the FCO but we all know that Ministers of this government just do what they are told by senior civil servants.

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